Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Life is Good...Interesting...and Quite Active

From Roy's 1st Birthday party.  If you look closely you can see some
icing on his hands. 
He wasn't too thrilled about the sticky feeling but was cute about it.
He did eventually enjoy the cake itself.  
And then was going super strong until falling asleep singing at the top
of his lungs.  One moment he was vocalizing...the next second he was silent.
It was hilarious.

The shop is transitioning to Autumn Themes.

 My brother's Mushroom Art is perfect for coming into the Autumnal Colors.
Harvested from a Black Locust Tree this fungus becomes the perfect
canvas for a little chippy.
I love the appearance of dimension Allan achieved through careful shading.
A one of a kind piece that the sports art collector would love to have.

 For the bird lover.
Such a beautiful piece.
I love the subtle touches in this one 
with the branches and berries.

Our large room gets to set the theme as the seasons change.

It's kind of cool to see this wreath against the background 
of the Alden House Bed and Breakfast next door.

Not a day goes by that someone, usually more than one person,
compliments the way things are displayed (curated) in the shop.
Always the credit has to go to Chelsea.
She has such a gift.

I'm so very blessed to have her on the job.
It's challenging as a wife and mother who also lives at the location
but she pulls it off gracefully.

Would you mind keeping Chadd in prayer as he looks for a job?
We couldn't have gotten the shop set up and opened without him...
at least not in the tight timeline we set for ourselves.
However, now, he is a bit bored as the faster pace of 
moving and getting set up is past.
Of course he is still a huge part of the business as we host
special events and receive large shipments but it isn't 
a full time gig for him any longer.
He is anxious to find work that is challenging and rewarding 
to him in a different way.
We completely get that!
So...if you know of anything in the Lancaster County area....

We are headed into the biggest weekend of the Summer.
Friday - Sunday we are hosting a Feedsack Extravaganza.
We will have approximately 1,000 feed/flour sacks on our porch.
ALSO...Friday is Second Friday which means we will be open until 9pm.
Saturday is the Rotary Craft Show which brings approximately 50,000 people to 
downtown Lititz and Sunday afternoon we will have a quieter time from 12-5 for 
the final hours of the Feedsack Extravaganza.
It's going to be GREAT!!
Beautiful cotton fabrics such as these will be on display and for sale.

So....not much chance I'll get back here before next week....
but we would LOVE to see you at Pebbles & Lace at 56 East Main Street
in the beautiful town of Lititz.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, we LOVE visiting Lititz! Next time we do, we'll have to definitely stop in. You're right, the displays/curating is perfectly lovely!

Vee said...

The shop looks so beautiful! Congrats to all for the hard work.

Your little grandson is adorable. He looks so much like his dad. Loved the description of his celebration🎈

Yes, happy to join in prayer for a good job for your son-in-law.

Theresa said...

Roy is adorable! It sure would be nice to walk thru the door of your shop:) SO many pretty things that I would love to have! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

JD/ Jill said...

Your shop looks wonderful...I keep hoping that one of these days will get up your way to see it... Who knows maybe we will...

Theresa said...

Hi there, I just came looking for you to tell you HI and I hope all is well where you are:) Have a blessed day dear friend, miss you! HUGS!

JD/ Jill said...

I see that you haven't posted too much lately...but I don't post much on blog lately either...smile.
Just want to congratulate you on being able to open your neat store. Hope to get back again this year to visit. My visit last year was too short in your lovely town.