Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Week's Big Project

It has been a while since Mrs. Rabe and I have shared a project. 
It used to be that we were together at least once per week with home school group
or something at church.
However, since I'm all "graduated" that is no more.
And things at the church have been rather settled for a while 
when it comes to 

But we were discussing the upcoming wedding of our dear pastor 
and our friend, Jenny.
I looked at Deanna and suggested that it would be so great if we could
paint the fellowship hall before the wedding.
She had been thinking the same thing but hesitated to say anything.
That was all it took.
A plan was hatched and colors were chosen. 
All that was left was to set a time and rope in the husbands to assist us.
Well, I really thought we could do it ourselves....
but I was wrong.

That was a HUGE project.
One that required not only our husbands but several others from the church.
Huge thanks to Denny, Jenny, Georgia, Mike L, Rachel, Sarah, Kyle, and Kamryn
for assisting in this project with Warren, Tim, Deanna and I.

We realized that it has already been six years that we've been in the building.
The yellow and bold orange has worn out its welcome.

From our Titanic Event a couple of years ago.

We had also grown into the room so that the prior separation 
between dining and living space no longer made sense.
We need all of it for eating.

 For now we have repurposed many decor items that were already on the walls.
We purposely chose colors that worked with most of the things we had.
Over time I believe we will add photography and art from the congregation.
We want this room to truly reflect those who worship together here.

This was fun.
And it was very hard work.
But it was quite worth it.
We told our husbands this at the end of the project and they were 
very glad that WE thought so. 


Terra said...

The new colors work well, and how good your work crew was large, to match the job.

Buttercup said...

This looks great and definitely a big job. Wishes for a blessed Easter!

Vee said...

What a job! I'm glad that you gals asked for and received help. Now it's all ready for the wedding.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It is awesome! The perfect colors!

Great fun working together again!


Debbie said...

I just found this (and you) through a link on Deanna's blog. This looks wonderful, and I really just love it that you did it for your pastor for his wedding. That is just so very NICE and right.

Liane said...

The sprucing up looks terrific - I like the color combinations. The room looks so welcoming and comfortable!