Monday, April 23, 2012

We Had A Ball

 At some point I have to stop saying we had an unusual day at church.
I think they are all unusual at this point.
We have way too much fun together.

But yesterday was definitely up there on the different scale.

The men got together and organized an event in which we remembered the Titanic.
Not because of the fact it sunk....but for the heroism and chivalry of the men
aboard the ship on that fateful day.

While the men organized it, 
the ladies had plenty to do.

But before I get to that you should meet the cast.

Meet the Captain....played by Joe.
Everyone had to get their photos taken with him.

Pastor Mike rented the costumes from the drama department at 
Millersville University.
They were perfect.
 The purser - Daniel.
So handsome!

I just had to throw this photo in.
Katie and her Mama.
Remember those photos of the early days after 
Katerina joined this family?
Amazing progress and joy now surrounds this child.

A series of speakers and video clips set the tone.
Understanding that many of the youngsters there would not be familiar with 
the history celebrated it was very good to take the time to tell the story.

The entire church was transformed......
how convenient that we have a ramp.
This was where we "boarded".
 Our ticket to the Voyage.
Heads of households filled in the names on each boarding pass.
Then we assembled in a line to board the Titanic. 
This was surprisingly emotional.
Pastor Mike took our boarding passes and welcomed us 
aboard in such a realistic way that you found yourself in the 
place of those who had been so oblivious to their impending doom.

Having the knowledge of the end result I was moved to 
tears even while just waiting in line.
I swallowed hard and waited my turn.

The purpose of this event was to encourage our young men,
and the old ones too,
to remember that chivalry is not dead.
On its last gasp, maybe, as so many are only out for themselves,
but not dead.
We all kind of chuckled at one point in the video as the captain
instructed his crew to "chuck" the ladies and children into the lifeboats
if they resisted.
There was just no question that it was ladies and children first.

There were not enough life boats for everyone because for the sake of 
looks they had only put about half of the life boats on the Titanic.
Remember, the ship was "unsinkable".

 After a short lesson in etiquette which reminded the men that if a lady at their
table left for any reason they needed to stand in respect for her.
Also a quick tip as to how to know which bread dish and cup was yours.

I had to chuckle as I looked down the line and saw everyone holding this pose.

 Garden salad, fruit salad and bread were the first course.
Followed by chicken poppyseed casserole, green beans and cake with ice cream for dessert.
Several young people served everything as a few of us plated it quickly in the kitchen.

After lunch came an English Country Dance in the sanctuary.....
I love seeing the moms and sons, 
fathers and daughters, 
wives and husbands, 
brothers and sisters,
friends and family of all sizes 
enjoying this fun and very energetic activity.
Such laughter and craziness.
I only danced one particular dance but I really enjoyed it!

Our dance was rudely interrupted by the sound of ice scraping metal.
Chaos and tears broke out as the men settled their wives and children in lifeboats 
and then left the room.
No, really, tears broke out.
Some of us were pretending to cry and scared some of the youngest ones.
We had to reassure them that we weren't really crying.
If you could have seen the sheer joy on one young boy's face as his 
dad came back into the
But the dads took the opportunity to remind all in attendance that we got to be 
reunited.  In real life that was not the case.

Later the dancing resumed......

Don't you just love this trio?

 Our afternoon came to a close...
in the early evening.
We concluded with the rest of the story in 
presentation and video
and then we all sang
Nearer My God to Thee as two young men 
played their Violin and Cello for accompaniment.
So touching as this was the last song the 
musicians played around 2:00 am before they lost their 
lives in that very dark and cold ocean.
Having found out that the RMS Titanic was indeed 
NOT unsinkable.

The roses from the tables all ended up 
being sent home with various ones of us.
I have three...
they are gorgeous!!
A wonderful reminder of a meaningful event.

 I love this photo of a very happy Pastor Mike at the end of 
the day.  He is such a great leader.
Quiet strength.
Yep!  I like him a lot.
It is so neat to see him come behind the vision of those in the congregation
and support, love and encourage.
Every church should wish for such a pastor.
Just sayin'.
He doesn't normally read my blog so I feel pretty safe

Hey!  Have a great day!!
I'm making candles (surprise) and then spending some fun 
time with my sweet girl.

To read and see more about this amazing event you can
visit my friend, Creekside Cottage.


Zuda Gay Pease said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing! The children will remember this all their lives.

Phyllis said...

We had a wonderful was a great reminder of the sacrifice these men made. The "Captain" related it to Jesus' sacrifice for us. There was no way we could save ourselves so Jesus sacrificed himself for us. The evening was filled with sadness and joy!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...


Great post about our wonderful day! I have my internet back so I am going to try to get a post up too!

I'll link to yours!


MYSAVIOR said...

How wonderful!

I am particularly taken by the creativity of the event.

And Katie looks so healthy and happy.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for being a willing partner...I had the song from My Fair Lady I think going in my head...I could have danced all night.....Such a good time. Thanks for the pictures and post.

sammysgrammy said...

What an awesome day, Becky. I don't think anyone who participated will ever forget.

Vee said...

Deanna sent me over ;> Just your telling of the evening has me choked up. I can't imagine how it might have been for those actually participating. Everyone looks so nice...the ladies and gentlemen. I forgot to say how beautiful Deanna and daughters look in their beautiful dresses.

Karen said...

What an incredible idea, and how nicely carried out!

You have the most uniquely wonderful church!

Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Susanna said...

What a wonderful day! We have the BEST church ever and feel so privileged to be among you all. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Becky! Love you!

JD/ Jill said...

Wow! what a special event! Lots of thought and planning went into that. The pictures are great. Becky, sorry, I have not been visiting as much, but you can tell by my blog, that there has been a lot going on right now. There are three workers in the next room, hammering and drilling, as I type this. thanks for the nice comments on my cards, and when my craft room is done, you can come down and see it...Hint, Hint...Blessings, Jill

Elena said...

What an amazing and fun thing to do! The story of the Titanic is so inspiring and so different than the movie protrayed.

Diane said...

Wow Becky, what an amazing event. I can totally imagine how emotional it was... I was tearing up just reading♥

Miss you and think of you often ((hugs))

Vee said...

That sounds like an amazing production.