Friday, March 14, 2008

Healing Tears...

Our family is finding our
healing tears as we are...

Dealing with the loss of
another loved one.
The first being my Dad in
November of 2005.

We are approaching the one year anniversary
of the passing of Warren's Dad
on April 1st.

It is on our minds, although
until this morning there had
not been a whole lot said about it.

Cut to this morning,
I am in the Office reading blogs
having just finished writing today's
post about a tragedy in our own

My 6'4" eldest son came into the
room and sat on a chair beside me.

This is not uncommon. He will often
just kind of check in and hang out with
me for a few minutes but the look on his
face made me ask if he was ok.

He was not.

The tears flowed freely as he told me
about a dream that he had just awakened

He had been in York at his Grandparents
home. He was playing parcheesi and
swimming in the pool with Grandpa...
then Jonathan woke up.

The reality struck!

Grandpa is gone.

There will be no more times on this earth
where they will swim and play parcheesi.

This is so hard!

I held my son even though he is
quite a bit bigger than I and
we sobbed together.


Intensity of the sorrow!

Even though we know Gene wouldn't come
back here for that he is
experiencing the perfection of heaven...

We still feel the pain of our loss.

I found it especially interesting after I had
just finished writing about wishing to be there
for young people around me...

I got to minister to one of the ones God gave

I think that is how it is meant to be.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be at
home with my children...

Even the great big teenage, almost 17 year old, boys!


Mrs. Rabe said...

I am sorry for your pain. Our Sarah misses Grandma Lily....

I believe it helps us to be ready for heaven ourselves, when we have loved ones there waiting...

Alicia said...

I am sorry about this, I know rememberance of memories can bring about laughter, but also many tears. I miss my papa dearly as well. I loved that you were able to be a mom and to be there for your son. Just as you were called to do!

Hummingbird Chats said...

It was so great that your son know that he could come to you with his tears. That is the greatest thing. Katie