Saturday, March 22, 2008

Warren is Home!

It is always sweet to have Warren return
safe and sound after a journey.

He came home to a houseful last night.

There was an excellent turnout for our
Good Friday Small Group here.

We started by reading the account of Jesus'
last Friday before His Crucifixion.
We read about fulfilled prophesies
that happened one right after the other during
those brief hours...
We read about His death.

Then we sang.
We sang about His sacrifice on our behalf.
The songs were somber but beautiful in harmonies
until they built in praise and adoration of the
Who willingly took all of our sin upon Himself
and the volume grew as the people rejoiced in what
has been accomplished for those who believe!
We found ourselves singing many songs
bursting with Alleluias!
Some even requested by the
young ones in the group.

Finally, we prayed!
Oh, the outpouring of thanksgiving that
flowed from the mouths of the people.
It went on for quite a long time...
and yet...
it did not seem very long.
There is such beauty in Praise!

After the final Amen, the food came out.
We enjoyed sweet fellowship.
I had made a huge pan of Monkey Bread.
It is nearly gone.
At some point during this time
Warren walked in the door.

It was so good to see his smiling face.
I also like his big bear hugs.

Today I will be in preparation for Easter
Sunday and our Sunrise Service and Breakfast.

I have some shopping to finish up and need to
figure out how I am going to make the pancakes
in our rented facility. I want to have chocolate
chip and blueberry pancakes as well as plain
freshly made for all to enjoy.
I am hoping I can dig out an electric griddle or

Also on the menu are:
Egg Casserole
Fresh Fruit
Banana Bread
Juice, Milk and Coffee

Should be yummy!

I'll be out looking for beautiful
plates and napkins because
food just tastes better when it is
presented beautifully.

If you are in the Lancaster area
you are invited.
Email me for location and times.

Oh, this is a long post.

I just seem to have so much
to say every day...

Must get that from my Daddy.

I'll be posting one of his Easter
poems tomorrow.

It is long...but very worthwhile!

Blessings on this day, my friends.

I am rejoicing that:

Tabitha is home from the hospital.

Warren is safely home from his trip.

Mikey has shown no signs of head injury
after his fall.

The Lord is Good...ALL THE TIME!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an evening I would have enjoyed!

I wish I could join you for breakfast but I don't think 2 trips we can afford!!!

Robert is making Ham, potatoe casserole, green beans, pink jello stuff, and chocolate pies for tomorrow. He had to work today. He loves to cook and I don't. I used to before it killed my back and when everyone was at home all at one time. Not the case anymore...

When I was in New Orleans on our second trip after Katrina, we found this gospel station. We listened to it and even started to know some of the words. We don't have one here in L.A. but sometimes I wished I went to a gospel church where I could sing, dance and shout the Praises of God!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Happy Easter!

So glad the family is back together!

Talk to you soon!

Alicia said...

Happy Easter!!!