Friday, March 14, 2008

A Tragedy

I received a phone call yesterday that got the day off to a shaky start.

It turns out that a young man had shot his girlfriend and then turned the
gun on himself, taking both of their young lives.

The connection here was that the young lady, Mae Davis had graduated from
her homeschool last year. The media wanted to talk to homeschoolers who may have known her. I was being made aware that a call from the media could be
coming soon. Thanks friend!

While I never got a call from the press, it stirred an interest about the case and the people involved. Such useless tragedies strike the heart of any parent of teens.

This young man had dropped out of the local high school last year and had been in and out of rehab situations. His friends say he was a very nice guy who just had a lot of problems.

There is not a lot in print about Miss Davis but I feel for her family today as they are undergoing the most intense kind of pain imagineable.

It seems that our teenagers are so often caught up so much in the "here and now" that they cannot see past it to even the next five to ten years down the road.

Incidents like this make me want to run out and befriend each and every one of them out there and tell them there is hope! Hope in Jesus! He is LIFE and it is abundant and FREE!

A few weeks ago Pastor Mike preached about giving our lives to Jesus. He talked about the perception that even he had that if he were going to follow Christ he would be giving up so much. He explained in the most delighted of voices that he found out that in giving up his own will to Christ he found true freedom, joy and then truly began to LIVE! It is so true. It is so hard to comprehend until you have experienced it!

Hug a teen near you today and be thankful that God has placed you in their life.

Please pray with me for these families who are in so much pain today.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Amen, Becky, Amen!

So much pain and heartache with this young generation. Deepseated.

Much prayer is needed and an awareness to reach out and mentor the young adults God sends our way!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh..that is a tragedy...I haste hearing things like that...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes all we can do is love them and let them go. This is tragic. I am hoping that the interview I am hosting in April will give us some direction on how to deal with these young adults. Spread the word to anyone you might know that would need to hear this...

Alicia said...

This is tragic. I will be praying, this is just happening way to much now.