Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank You Governor Huckabee

Today I will be taking the logo off the blog
recommending Mike Huckabee for President.

I am so pleased with the campaign that this man ran.
He showed that he is a man of class and dignity.

The moment the qualifications for his stepping
down were met by the voters nominating John McCain
he was making the speech to follow through on his
promise to give up his quest for the White House.

When I was in High School a close family friend
ran for the State Legislature.
He recruited several from my school to
come out with him and leave flyers,
meet people and place signs.

When Dave did not win the primary he
threw his backing, and his volunteers,
behind the next best guy.
I remember standing in front of a
fraternity at Penn State that was,
for that day, a polling place,
and handing out literature for
our second choice.

While I did not know Lynn Herman
very well, I took it on Dave's
very good authority that if we could
not elect Dave then Lynn was the
one for the job.

Lynn Herman ended up
serving the Central Pennsylvania
area extremely well for many years.

My friend, Dave, continued in full time
ministry and was very effective there.

God knew what He was doing.
I gained a love for politics and the
understanding of the hard work that
goes into a campaign, even on a local level.
Dave got to continue doing the work of the
Lord that he undeniably enjoyed more than
he would have Public Service.

It all works out exactly
as it is supposed to.
No worries.


Anonymous said...

He said he kept the faith. That's a winner in my book!!

Kim said...

I too was standing for Huckabee. He seemed to be the most honorable person running for the highest office in our country. But, God is still on the throne and in command and this is something that gives me great comfort.