Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can/Could or Should

I was driving today and saw a vehicle
with a business insignia on the side.

The entrepreneurial side of me
wanted to check it out and see
what kind of a business it was.

I immediately flashed forward to
what kind of business I would
like to have next.

But, wait!!!

I already have two businesses,
homeschool three children,
have a sweet husband,
two Moms that live close by,
multiple pets,
a very full church life,
a homeschool co-op to serve,
am Co-President in a
County-wide homeschool organization,
Have a boatload of friends visit with,

Why, oh why, does my brain even go toward the
next venture.

I could start another business...
I'd probably do ok at it...

...but should I??

I am thinking not.

This took me to all of the
can and should parts of my
existing life.

There are many things in this life
that we can do...

But are we doing the things
that we should be doing?

I am going to be taking stock of the
things that I am investing time and
energy into.

I can do a lot.

Am I doing the things that I should be doing?
Often that answer is no.

Hmmm...how about you?


Tracy said...

Very interesting post, Becky! Our minds and hearts can help but think ahead, think of new things and want to fulfill them. I think we all have a need to do, make, create, accomplish. But, we can't do it all sometimes...we are only one person, and even with help and many in our lives, we are still at the end of the day one that has to do a lot on one's own. Sometimes we have enough on our plate at a given moment. I know I do. But it's also good to have dreams, to have sometime waiting on the back burner for later when we can devote more time and energy to something. With two businesses aleady, you are a wonder to want to take on another one! Do reflect, dream, brain-storm. Let us know what happens! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

PRAY!!!! You need to pray and ask the Lord to impress on your heart what he has assigned for you!!

The Downtown Boutique said...

I can totally relate to what you said. My mind seems to constantly be buzzing about new ideas and projects. Sometimes I wish it would just quit, but then I know it's just the creativity that the Lord gave me, so I can't very well ask Him to make it go away. Nor do I want to.
I have two Etsy shops, and a VERY busy blog. I babysit a two year old, homeschool my 14 year old son, sing on the church worship team, attend a ladies' group at church on Thursday nights, am an elder's wife, and SOOO much more! I feel swamped every now and then, and those are the times that the Lord really needs to smack me across the forehead to get me to slow down!