Friday, March 21, 2008

Whew! What a Day!

Yesterday was quite a day!

It was our last day at co-op for this school year.

I was in the Mom's Room chatting and mentally
preparing to teach my last music class of the
year when a young man ran into the room and up to me
saying, "Mikey just fell from the basketball hoop."

I asked him if Mikey was ok.

He wasn't sure.

I RAN! Up the stairs and down the hall to the gym.

When I got there I could not see Mikey.

Finally, there he was lying on the floor at
the far end of the gym.

Please understand that Mikey does "stupid
Mikey tricks" regularly and hurts himself.
Most of the time I never hear about it...
he just gets up and keeps on going.

I got to him and he was shaking and in a lot
of pain. There was a mark the size of a
50 cent piece on his cheek that was raised,
white and had the pattern from the flooring
indented in it. He was so pale!

He was not nauseous so I waited a bit until he
could move and we went to get some ice.

We headed back to the Mom's Room, ice on his face.

His arm was hurting more than his head...

Oh, let me tell you what this kid did.

He was climbing up the wall and grabbing the basketball hoop
where he planned to flip over and land on his feet.
Apparently he has done this many times before.
The adult gym teacher "didn't care".

This time his hand slipped as he was upside down and
he came down on his cheek first then hand and knee.

Long story and a nurse check a Mom at the co-op
he seems to be fine. He is in a good bit of pain and
I expect that to get worse over the next day or two
from the bruising. I am watching him for any signs of
brain injury.

So that was how yesterday's co-op started...
flash forward to the end of the day and my
fourth to sixth grade music class.

We had just completed another hymn sing.
When we did the first one earlier this year
the kids loved it and had more requests than we could
get to so I decided that we would close the
year with another one.

I told the class to get their backpacks and to come to me
to choose their candy from my basket before heading to
the gym to meet their parents.

There was the usual rush to be first in line...
then suddenly one of the boys became ill...
vomiting on the floor and piano!

He was allowed to go to the restroom to do whatever
he needed to do...
and wouldn't you know the next thing I know he is back
in line, green face and all, for his candy

I quickly gave it to him and got he and the other kids out of the
room and on their way to the gym.

As I was going to get supplies to clean up the unpleasantness
I ran into his mother in the hall.
She felt so badly, the whole family had already had this "bug"
except this young man and the toddler in their house.
She came back to the room and cleaned it up for us.
I am very grateful.
The stomach bug is the worst as far as I am concerned.

So, then we came on home to get ready for a run to Harrisburg
to meet with some clients. The poor lady has pneumonia
and was having a hard time breathing. I have a bad habit
of making people laugh...not good for someone with pneumonia.
She will be fine. I don't think I did
any permanent damage there.

But, finally returned home at 11pm to find Grandma Georgia
hanging out in Mikey's room with he and Jonathan.
She was watching them
play some video game.

That was surreal!

Georgia does not like their video games...

Yep, it was quite a day!!!!

Hope this one is calmer.

We are hosting a Good Friday Small Group at
our home and Warren will be getting in from
Branson late this evening.

Should make for a cozy day.


Mrs. Rabe said...

I didn't even get a chance to talk to you yesterday! Yikes - I didn't have the "drama" you did, but it was a crazy day! I got home at 5:00!

Just so you know, Mikey did manage to dance at least once yesterday in class! :)

Elijah's Mommy said...

Oh ouch! I was just cringing when you said he came down on his cheek!

As for making that sick lady laugh, you gave her the best medicine there is!

Miss Paula said...

Oh, I was just cringing that you had to clean up the throw-up. I haven't done that for years since my kids are great shots. But someone else's????NO WAY!!! It would make me sick!! NO WAY UH UH!!!

Glad that G-Ma had thins under control for you!!!

Oh, now I am thinking of vomit..

Alicia said...

What a start to the day for you!! Kudos to you for all this work!!