Monday, March 17, 2008

Beware of Falling Things...

I figure I must be having pretty good days compared to
a couple of people that I have heard about in the news.

Did you hear about the guy in Oklahoma who had a
bomb fall from the sky into his bathroom?


A military jet accidentally dropped it over his
apartment. Here is a quote from the story:

"The military pilot thought he had dropped the BDU-33 bomb, equipped with a dummy warhead, over a field in Kansas during a routine training mission out of Tulsa on Thursday."


"Shortly after takeoff, the training bomb inadvertently released from the aircraft, the guard statement said."


"A safety investigation board has been convened and the investigation is ongoing, the statement said."

Thank Goodness!

These quotes came from Yahoo News.

I guess considering all of the missions going on around us all of the time it is a wonder things like this don't happen more frequently. Just for the record, I support our military 150%! The story was just too interesting to ignore.

Then this weekend in New York, a crane fell 19 stories and killed at least four people on the ground. I guess I'm just a country girl but I did not know they strapped cranes onto huge buildings.

Finally there was the tornado in Atlanta. That caught my attention since we have spent time there for a conference. I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

I guess the moral of these stories is:

"Keep looking up!"

Have a great day...and may nothing fall on your head!

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Up up and way,
in my beautiful,
my beautiful
balloon!!! (The Fifth Dimensions)