Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bowling and Grad Meetings

Yesterday was just a fun kind of "regular" day.
We worked on our schoolwork together in the morning
and then, after dropping Mikey at work,
Chelsea, Jonathan and I headed for our Tuesday
Afternoon bowling time.

I've got to tell you, I have come to
adore bowling.

Who would have thought!!!!

One of my favorite things about bowling
is a pair of Grandparents that come
most weeks and make it a real competition
in the best possible way.

Bob and Phyllis are great people!

There is a great sense of competitive spirit
but always with humility, encouragement and
lots of laughter.

These people just happen to be Mrs. Rabe's
(Creekside Cottage) parents.

Yesterday, Bob and I bowled four games. The last
two after everyone else had bowled enough.

He beat me, of course....
but maybe next week I'll get him!

Thanks Bob! It was fun!

Last evening was our monthly homeschool
Graduation Planning Meeting.
Since Tabitha had her accident and her
Mother is the head of this Graduation
her Dad ran the meeting,
but as president of the
Sponsoring Organization I had to take a
much more active part in the meeting
than I usually do.

There are many details...
Bio's to edit and get approved,
seems simple? Nope!
Invitations with problems from the printer,
A Brunch to plan so the Grads can meet their
Keynote Speaker in advance,
Class song to be learned,
A Formal and Banquet to plan,
The person doing video collage had a motorcycle
accident and is having surgery Thursday,
A fundraiser controversy...

Just about a billion details.

Thank goodness for competent people
heading up the committees to deal with
these issues.

I really felt for poor Suealyce and the
questions she gets asked and decisions
that need to be made. She is doing a
huge job.

We have 89 graduates in this class.
It is interesting because while they are
from all over the County and many did not
know each other before our initial get together
in September...they totally love getting together
and we almost had to kick them out last night
as it was time to go home.

This is a great class!

I am so proud of the work of homeschooling parents.
Seeing the end result is a thing of beauty!
It is so encouraging for those of us still in the daily
grind, for lack of a better word.
While I am extremely thankful for the
freedom to homeschool, I recognize the enormity
of the task. My hat, or bonnet,
is off to the many
thousands of families in this country
who have made this commitment to each other.

Just some rambling thought for today's post.
Not much going on.

I am still in the process of deciding what doctor is
going to do the recommended surgery.
Then when in the world to find the time for a
surgery and much to do!

As long as my little pain pills give me enough relief to
make it through the day and to get sleep at night,
I am taking my time to make sure I get the result that
is best...and hopefully fixes all of this stuff!

Have a great day!

Thanks for being here!


Ellen said...

I just want to say hats off to you and all the other homeschooling families out there. I admire you all for being able to do this. I look forward every morning to reading your blog. Even though some of the things are not always good, it has become part of my morning routine. I feel as though my day starts off wrong if I do not read your blog first. Thanks for being my "morning cup" of inspiration. Blessings


Mrs. Rabe said...

Becky, bowling has become a highlight of the week for all of us! After yesterday, I may just get into again!

I know my parents just love it!

It is very cool to get a fresh vision for homeschooling, and there is nothing like seeing someone who is graduating their kids.

It is an awesome feeling, to have done it as well.

Anonymous said...

Bob and Phyllis are Miss Paula's in-laws!!!

Becky you had better be well by August!!!