Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back to Longwood Gardens

Warren did not have to work yesterday.

When Mom, Jonathan, Chelsea and I had gone to the
gardens earlier this month he mentioned
how much he would enjoy going.

So, we took this opportunity to go

We went to parts of the garden that I have
not seen. It is all simply lovely!

A small sundial. There is a larger one, in another garden, in which you become the "shadow producer".

I think I need one of these....well, the whole package really...pond, gazebo, blue skies with just the right amount of white puffy clouds...

Maybe we need a little boxwood garden too. I love seeing it in Williamsburg when we go and then this at Longwood is so nice and neat.

First the sun was doing a "happy dance" in the center of the trail...

Then the family took a trip up the trail...

These little guys were just scattered all across a large open grassy area.

This Bird of Paradise Flower was in the Dupont House's "Solarium". I am not sure if that is the right word for it...but Chelsea and I sat out there and I read while she played Sudoku as we pretended that we had just finished a lovely breakfast and were having a leisurely day in our lovely home.
Enjoy "our" view in these next few pictures.

These orange flowers were just to the right of us as we sat in the wrought iron chairs and enjoyed the view...and our delusions of grandeur.
Who says you can't pretend?

This is the one photo that I will show you from the Conservatory. There will be pictures from the Conservatory on both Chelsea's Blog and the Homeschool Blog a little later today.

Warren took time to teach Chelsea some features of the camera. She had a great time and learned so much!

While the rest of us were enjoying the Conservatory, Jonathan was scouring the Chimes Tower. I have not been there yet...but he loved it. He spent hours hiking trails and tramping through the meadow. Mom had to go find him at 5pm when the Gardens closed. He was having the time of his life!

Have a wonderful day. Hope there is abundant beauty in it...and lots of imagination.


CatHerder said...

Oh I LOVE Longwood Gardens!!!! I just asked hubby if we could go in May when he has vacation. I havent been there in two years. I love when the wisteria is blooming, and all those lilacs are so awesome..i wonder what the best month is to go...it takes me a couple of hours to get there, so we dont go that often. Great pics...thanks!!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

If you go to Longwood Gardens' website they have a link to click on and you can see what it in bloom both in the conservatory and outside.

Becky - I just love the Italian water garden and the chimes tower. Did they have the eye of water flowing? Everytime I take the kids there it has been off for one reason or another! I want them to see it because it is cool!

I love to stroll through the perenniel garden and the vegetable garden, I get so many ideas when I go there. If only my budget would accomodate all that I get inspired by!

You and I need to go to Longwood Gardens - hey maybe when Miss Paula visits! Then we could do lunch.....

Anonymous said...

Love the orange and white flowers!! Wow!