Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making plans!

While it is a ways off we are making plans for a trip out to Colorado and Arizona for sometime in the Fall. It is exciting and challenging to make plans for our immediate family plus two Moms. We all have different ideas of what we would like to see and do while we are there.

Then there is the fact that it is actually cheapest to fly.

I don't fly!

My family tells me that I have been afraid of planes,
even overhead,
since I was at least 2. I would hide under the bed when they went
over...so they tell me.

So...that makes it all the more interesting that I am even
contemplating flying. I wonder if there are enough medications in the world to keep me from having a panic attack and being carried off of the plane and to the jail or nut house???

Yesterday, the Moms and I spent most of the day creating a train schedule that shaved many hours off the trip, compared to driving, and had us sleeping a majority of those hours. Our awake times would be daytimes in cities where we would change trains and spend a few hours sightseeing.

But...when I shared this with Warren...out in Missouri, working...he showed me the fallacy of my ways...Ha! We will see!

Initially, we had planned to purchase or rent an RV to take all of us out there. Then I began to picture us stranded in a corn field....or the engine blowing up on the way to Pike's Peak.

Neither is a fun image.

So...I'll keep you posted on the plans.

Should be fun...I think!


Anonymous said...

Gas is too expensive. You can get some cheap flights on Southwest's "ding" (sign up). You can FLY!!!!!!!!!! I know you can!!!
It's so fun and saves so much time!!!!!!!!

Think hard on this Becky!!!!

Alicia said...

We will pray for you! I know quite a few people who are afraid to fly, youre not alone!! Colorado is suppose to be absolutely beautiful!!

daisy said...

Mmm, seeing Colorado is totally worth flying. I grew up there, and it's so beautiful.

How fun to plan a trip...enjoy the process!

Anonymous said...

A good dose of valium about an hour before you board should do the trick. ;o)

Southwest Airlines.

We're paying the pump come May in a trip from NoCal to SD, WY, ID, Tahoe then back home to NoCal. In a Suburban. We seriously considered pulling our way-cool vintage trailer rather than hotel'ing it. I'm having a garage sale to help with $ for gas, otherwise I'll be standing on the corner with a cardboard sign begging for change. sigh.