Thursday, March 13, 2008


We had a lovely dinner at Mom's last night.

It was nice to have nearly all of us
back together.
Only Mikey was considered too sick to
be in our presence...poor kid.

Anyway, Georgia was there for the first
time since her surgery,
Pastor Mike was very brave and did come
down...he has a very healthy respect for
this flu...
Mom made roast beef and Potatoes...
I made her a birthday cake.

It was all very nice.

Then as the food settled in us for a while
we chatted around the table.
Personally, I love after dinner
When Dad was still alive we would have
some of the best times.
We would laugh till we thought we could
just split in two.
Miss that!

But, last evening the talk turned to the
news of the past couple of days.

Eliot Spitzer.

I sent Chelsea on home since the
boys were already here and I knew this was not a
conversation for young ears.

It is an important conversation, none the less.
We are in an interesting time in our history.
The media plays such a large part in how our
politics play out.

We are overexposed.

I do not believe that it is right to have
committed the wrongs that Mr. Spitzer has
I also do not believe that he is the only man in
a powerful position to be acting in this way...
even now.

He certainly set himself up for the take down
by making many enemies and presenting
self righteous attitudes over the past
several years.

We reminisced about men in history and how
we now know of their wandering ways.

We talked about how in days of old the media
knew but looked the other way.

Which was better?

I don't know...

But I do know this...

I do know that every time I turn on
my television these days I have to switch
the channel to HGTV or something equally
as innocent to avoid...



Anonymous said...

At Vickie talks about 1/4 girls with STD's. Do we need to know this? I hate that everything is about sex. It is like this is what drives America. Wow we need a healing and a shake up in this world of ours. In the song "God, is bigger than, the air I breathe..." I believe with all my heart God is bigger than the media. We need to be on our knee's praying for descretion. Do we need to see the picture of the call girl??? NO! UGH...

Alicia said...

Overexposed is right! I am so tired of turing on the TV to see the next scandal. Do we really need to know and see all of this? No, we dont. But as Christians we are called to higher a place and when I see these, I pray for these people. Tragedy in their lives and being lost in this world. We as Christians need to unite to bring about a change in a world that is so lost. You are right Becky, we as a society are way to overexposed, and through this overexposure we must find a way to turn it all to God.

Terri and Bob said...

I just found out about this whole thing last night... I think my head has been totally out of the loop while I deal with wedding stuff... but you are right, why do we need to know this? Is it because he presents himself as infallible?