Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Reality of the Resurrection

Last week this time we were celebrating the
wonderful fact that
Jesus did not remain in His Tomb.

In fact during this time in history,
after the resurrection, Jesus was walking
and talking with His disciples preparing
them for a longer separation.

Poor Thomas...I love that he was so honest
as to truly wonder...could it be?
Is this truly our Lord?

I love that Jesus did not get mad.
He invited Thomas to check Him out.
See and feel the scars.
The body was real.
The pain that had been inflicted was real.
Thomas came to understand.

...And yet, while the body was real,
it was different. Doors did not
limit Him. A group of disciples were
meeting together and suddenly Jesus was
there too. He did not come through the
door. He simply appeared in the room.
Maybe a bit unnerving.

These people knew Jesus.
They trusted Him.
Now they were being sent on a
very important mission.

Tell the world!


What if these men had not believed?

It takes a lot of nerve to go around
telling strangers that you know a guy
who was conceived outside of wedlock
that was crucified and then came back to
life and is the One Who can take your sin
and punishment on Himself...
and in doing so you can enjoy life
forever... so BELIEVE!

Simple, huh?

That is why it is called Faith!

God's plan is amazing!

We have the eye witness recordings of
four men, written from their perspectives
and with their personalities evident in
the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

I love to compare and see the similarities but
the different emphasis each of these men placed
as they wrote words that would be preserved and
kept for us to read two thousand years after
the fact.

As for understanding their mission,
Not only did these men "get it" but they
obeyed and went out to share the good news.

They took what they had seen with their
own eyes and told others.
I am so thankful for the faithfulness of the
original disciples who carried the message
to those around them.

Now it is up to us, as disciples.
Our mission is the same.

While we did not see these things
with our own eyes,
and I did not put my hands on the scars,
I KNOW that my Redeemer lives.

There is no doubt that He speaks to me,
through His Spirit.
He works in my life.
So many times I have questioned what in
the world He wanted from me.
Was He really there?
Every time He was faithful to "Show Himself"
in a way that I could recognize.

He lives!

So, fellow Disciples...let us carry out
this important mission.

Let us remind all that we know...
Jesus is alive and well...
HE alone is the answer for the guilt
and consequences of sin!

It is like passing on the torch when we spread
the Good News.

All a person needs to do is call on HIS
name and believe! This was the only person
in the history of this world who could have
taken our sin upon Himself...HE was it!
Only through Him can we enjoy eternal life
in a place He is even now preparing for us.

So often, I am caught up with the daily grind.
To my shame, I do not pause to even think
about this wonderful news and reality in my life...
let alone tell someone else.

If you do not know Him,
Consider yourself told today...
Jesus died for your sins.
Eternal life can be yours.

I continue to celebrate these days after the
as there was so much teaching
and preparation that directly affected our
ability to hear and understand.


Alicia said...

I am so glad you posted this, Easter seems to come and go when really this day out of all days is why we as Christians are here! Christ conquered death and through that we are saved!

I am the same way with God as you are, at times it is hard to know what God wants and just as you said He shows Himself and His plan in a form that we would understand. For me, this past month, He has really shown His plan and control in our lives as a prayer has been finally answered after a year of searching for a bigger place. God definitely knows the different languages each of us speak. For me it could be something totally different from that of someone else, isnt is so cool that God knows that?!

Thanks for this Becky!!

Hope you are having a blessed and relaxing Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

Different things in our lives that we hold onto and don't give the situation to God to handle, is a little like us asking to look at Jesus scars. We want proof that he is who he says he is and can handle my burden that I am trying to handle myself!! Ugh!!! Glad it's a ongoing growing process and Jesus loves us through!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Great post Becky!