Saturday, March 29, 2008

Small Town Living - Part Two

The Gossips by Norman Rockwell
The Gossips
Courtesy of All Posters

As I got home, Wednesday,
from a whole day
at the hospital with Georgia
I was tired to the bone.

Climbing out of the car my neighbor,
and friend, Ellen
called out to me.
She had news.
Sad news, about a former neighbor.

We chatted a bit.
I told her about Georgia
and eventually I came inside to
get dinner prepared.

The next morning on this blog,
there was a sweet supportive comment
from another neighbor/friend, Judy.

She had heard about Georgia from Ellen.

Does this make me a part of the "network?"

Do you remember this painting by Norman Rockwell
that shows regular folks on the telephone,
one after another, sharing some piece of

Sometimes it can seem like gossip...
Sometimes it probably is gossip...

but not this time.

This was about caring and sharing.
This was about community.

Thanks Ellen...Thanks Judy!
I like being a part of
your Small Town.


Ellen said...

You are more then welcomed. I feel the more prayer warriors you have the better. I know you would pray for my family if the "table was turned". Keep me posted . Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

Boy, if that is what gossiping looks like, I want NO part of it!!

kara & jack's mom said...

Thank you for your kind words. It is nice knowing that we may not see each other in person every day but we can be praying for one another and our families, nonetheless. I hope Georgia is doing better. I have Kara home with strep throat again!! Hope to talk to you (and see you!) soon.