Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrating with Turkey!

Jonathan's 17th birthday was on Thursday
but it was not possible to have
the big turkey dinner that he had requested

So, last evening I served a 22 pound turkey
and all of the trimmings to 21 people.

Georgia got home from the hospital
around noon and so was available
for the dinner.

She says she feels fine!
She and my Mom are such a blessing to
me. They pretty much did all of the clean-up
because by that time my cyst was hurting so badly
I just wanted to cry. I guess I'll have to do
something about it soon.

Back to Georgia, Jonathan said that having
her out of the hospital was his best birthday
present. Wasn't that sweet...especially since
he meant it with his whole heart.
He is so marshmallow soft inside!
I love that kid!

It was a good time.
We enjoyed the fellowship
and I enjoyed the contented
look on Jonathan's face.

This celebration involved our church family
so I am pretty sure that there will be another
party for Jonathan's friends from Co-op at
some date in the near future.

He is going to make up for three years of "messed
up" birthdays.
In case you missed the post where
I described our last few springs...
Two years ago, I was in the hospital
and delirious...
last year Gene was in his final days.
This year Georgia was in the Hospital.
Maybe he isn't supposed to have birthdays...

Aunt Bev and Uncle Allan...
Jonathan loves his new T-shirt.
He wore it to church yesterday.
Thanks for pointing out that he loves
to wear

Grandma Georgia presented Jonathan with a
Shrek Chess Game. Every time we go to the
library with any amount of time to spend,
Jonathan and Chelsea sit down at a table and
play chess. It reminds me, so much, of when
my brother and I enjoyed challenging each
other. I haven't played chess for a very long time.
I'll have to see if I can remember how to do it.

My Mom and Warren's Mom had gone together to buy
Jonathan a Bonsai Tree at Longwood Gardens.

I think it is adorable. Mom also got Jonathan a book
to tell him how to care for his Bonsai Tree.
This is a very good thing since I am notorious
for my brown thumb.

Hope your day is lovely,
wherever you are and whatever
you are doing.

I will be up to my ears in schoolwork,
running north to buy more soy wax to
fill another order,
(I cannot believe how fast I go
through 50 pounds of soy!),
enjoying some visitation with a dear elderly
lady from church who has recently entered a
skilled nursing facility, and then finally
attending our final Moms Meeting of this
School Year.



Mrs. Rabe said...

Can't wait to see you this evening Becky!

How is Jonathan liking his new panda pal "Buzz"? That panda had been in our family for 18 years - but for about 16 years he was left to languish in a big bin with beanie babies, stuffed rabbits and sheep, a Snoopy or two...I am sure he is loving being special!

Tracy said...

So good to catch up with your posts, Becky, now that we're back from vacation. Hope we get to meet next time we're in PA! :o) Happy belated birthday to Jonathan--hoe it was a wonderful day. Such fun to read your newys post today. Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

jane said...

Gracious sakes. You're as busy as me! And that's busy!

Birthday blessings to your dear son, Becky. How wonderful that Georgia was there to complete his celebration. :o)


daisy said...

Thanks for visiting! I know. What else can you do but laugh? A sense of humor helps you overlook much!

What a nice dinner--I'm glad he got his turkey.

I have a daughter who has such birthdays. Two different years, one of her grandparents died close to her of them on the day. So she always remembers that when she is celebrating.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Becky! I am glad the turkey dinner went well and the Birthday as well!

Hugs to you.

SweetAnnee said...

I can't believe Jonathan is 17 and still so SWEET!!

Chelsea said he'd be beating her in chess.. LOL

Sounds like a GREAT birthday!!

and take care of YOU SOON PLEASE!!!

fondly, Deena