Friday, March 28, 2008

Small Town Living

When we first moved to Lancaster County
I had a major adjustment to make.

I was coming from State College where
my father was fairly well known and we had
sung in a group that traveled to the local
churches. It was nearly impossible to go
anywhere without seeing someone we knew.

It drove Warren crazy that we could not
go out and just run errands without having
several conversations along the way.

I lived for those conversations.

I love that sense of community.

When we moved here the people that we met
through work or church warned us that this
was a tight knit community and not to
expect much, in the way of the locals being

One man on a political campaign that I assisted
with stated that he was still a newcomer after
eighteen years.

All of this did not sit well with me.
I am after all the
"Friendship Ambassador to the World!"

I have gone to the places where the locals
go, volunteered, hosted neighborhood picnics,
and generally gone out of my way to be friendly
around our sweet little town.

It is paying off! We have been in the area for
almost eight years and today at the library I saw a couple of
familiar and friendly faces. People that I actually have
some sort of a relationship with.

It was interesting to go to the Library when we first
moved here. The staff and volunteers all were a bit
stand-offish. I have no idea why.
It just is what it is here.

We stopped at a local Christian Bookstore and saw yet
another familiar and friendly face.

We are breaking down the doors!


Maybe when we are great-grandparents of Lancaster County
Residents we will be accepted as "near natives"...

I doubt it!

Oh, well, I still love this place.


Anonymous said...

I may not live in a small town, but wherever I go I always see someone. I can sit on my front porch and have friends honk as they go by. Our city is very community driven!!! (Except I am the only porch sitter)

Sharon said...

I loved this post! It made me smile. We moved into a tight-knit community and until someone was told that my hubby had been born near here and who his relatives are, we were treated much like you mentioned.
Another thing that I still laugh about is if you want something known in the community, just tell someone and it won't be long until the story is out! It may not be the right story, but it's out there! :)

Mrs. Rabe said...

That is just too true of this county! People are kind to a point and then it is like scaling a giant wall to get close to people.

Good thing we outsiders have found each other!