Sunday, March 9, 2008


Feeling more like being upright today...
Chelsea and I were the only two to stay
home from church...
although Mikey should have.

I shudder to think who may get
sick this week because he went
this morning.

I've been perusing blogs today and
am so impressed by the many strong
people who are fighting the toughest
battles physically themselves or
with their children.

It just makes my heart ache.

I wonder what it is that draws us
to these words of pain and suffering
like moths to a flame.

One dear new Blog Friend, stated very
plainly that she is not looking for
sympathy or gifts...
I totally believe her.

I believe that in telling her story she
is helping to vent some of the fear and
emotion that she is going through while
educating and encouraging others along
the way.

I received a call from my dear friend, Shelley
this afternoon.
She has been reading my blog.
I am not going through anything life shattering
or similar to many of the blogs I have read today,
but even so, Shelley actually felt better about her own
health situation by reading about mine.

Understand that this crazy lady and I have been
friends for a very long time and she can read a
lot into the things I write. She knows me well.

But still, there is something about reading
that someone else is in worse shape than we are
and that they are managing ok.

Even better when they share how their faith has
grown because of the hard times they are going

I related today to the simplicity of a man's grateful
heart because of the generosity of friends to drop off
a wonderful meal to the flu-sickened couple...
our church friends did the same for us today...
he shood them off quickly did I our brave
friend who dared to enter this contaminated abode.

I relate often to the homeschool moms who are caught up
in the willing but exhausted care of their parents.
You know, the smashed in the middle, sandwich generation.

We are a community.

We share our stories to help ourselves process life...
because some of us just have to write to survive,
and to hopefully connect with those someones out there
who truly get our circumstances.

We are hunting for our kindred spirits in this great big

I have found some very special people in my very short time
as a blogger. I thank you for coming along side and being
prayer partners in the challenges of parenting...
...the weariness of being a caregiver...
the joys of homeschooling...
in sharing the love of my Savior...
or for just stopping by to see what ridiculous event
has happened in our daily lives.

You are important to me and I thank you for
playing a very real part in my life.



Alicia said...

Becky, all of these things we endure here on earth are only to prepare us to have a heart like Jesus. He uses such events to shape and mold our hearts. "If He brings us to it, He will being us through it." When my mom was diagnosed, times were devastating, but you know through it all, we have all come to trust and rely on God even more than before. He causes these events to take place in our lives so that we may flourish and grow and learn what He wants us to learn, even when times are beyond us. Sharing with one another, is what being part of God's family is all about! We are here to help one another make it through life, so that we may glorify God!

Blessings to you my dear blogging friend!!

Martie said...

Thanks Becky - your comments on my blog have encouraged me too. Seems sometimes I just need to get "away" and be inspired by someone else for a little while - blogging has done that for me. Often times, I visit others - and come away renewed and challanged to keep on - and try harder to be the Mom and wife - and Christian I need to be.

Thanks for sharing. Hope your house gets better soon -