Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at the "Church with No Name"!

The Day was glorious!

When the alarm went off at 5:00 AM
I was pretty sure it was not meant for me...

then came those loving hands that gently
shook my shoulders to get me aware enough
to realize... oh yes, the morning of the
Sonrise Service and Breakfast!

Out of bed and on our way to finish all
of the details...
to load the car...
to gather my music, food, flowers for the
So much to remember!

We got over to the rented facility at about
6:25 AM.

Made up centerpieces for each table with a
vase of flowers and a sweet plush bunny on a
coordinating napkin.

I asked Chelsea to set the tables with springy paper
plates. It looked festive.

Then it was time to head over to the pond for
our Sonrise Service.

It was chilly!

It was short!

But it was sweet!

I just had to get this picture with some of the guys
spiffied up.

We have been struggling to find a new name to suit us...for months!
We may have found it...
Someone suggested Sonrise Community Fellowship.
We like it.
We vote on a new name soon.
Some of the other ones under consideration are:

Living Word Fellowship
Living Word Community Church
Living Way Fellowship
and now...
Sonrise Community Fellowship
Sonrise Christian Church

Any Opinions?

It was so neat to look at the faces of these people we have worshiped with for years but had never shared a Sonrise Service with.
A first for this congregation...
but, I think not the last.

The pond was very pretty in the early morning, reflecting anything that it possibly could.

Our breakfast was preceded by some impromptu competition over
some pancake making between Brenda and Myself...too fun,
we ate a great breakfast.
After praying for the meal,
Pastor Mike had our friend, Phil,
read my Dad's poem aloud.
The one in the previous post.
This was a surprise for my Mom and
brought her to tears.

I snapped this picture as people began to be seated.
Look there is room for you!
We are a small congregation but we had an
awesome worship service!
God is so Good!
His presence was so real!

I don't know what the future holds for us
but I do know WHO holds our future...

I hope you know THE ONE who Rose on the third day. HE is in Heaven preparing a place for those who call upon HIS name for eternal salvation. How sweet to know that our Redeemer LIVES!

One of the kids snapped this picture of a banner I made for our old church building.
It made more sense there, aesthetically, but I think it
is sweet that Pastor Mike brings it to whatever facility we are
renting to bring a bit of "home" with us.

It serves as a great Rejoice!

A question to ponder for fun: What happened to the dead people that came
out of their tombs as Jesus Died. This is reported only in Matthew 27. None of the other gospels say a word about it and then we never know what happened to them. Did they continue living lives and then just die of old(er) age or did they return to the tombs a little bit later. I don't think we can know that answer. It is just not given...but we had a lively discussion about this...just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I know my Lord indeed!

I love the reflecting picture!!

All of you bundled up!!! It was so hot here yesterday!! Ugh!

Beth said...

LOL It's hitting around 90 here during the day.