Saturday, March 8, 2008

Never Boring!

Ok, so we've added another family member
to our house of sickness.
Mikey is ill!

This only leaves Warren to catch this
horrible bug yet.

I have suggested maybe he would
like to move out for a few days while
we all get over it.

Tempted, he was...
I think.

But yet he stays and flirts
with danger.

Warning to all guys who may happen to read this blog
I am about to head into female anatomy territory.
Look away now or just consider yourself warned...

I went for my ultrasound this morning to
see why the pain in my ovarian cyst has
not improved over all of this time.

I wasn't going to post this but it was just
too much...I have to share.

I have undergone these kinds of scans so
many times since I was a teenager that I
think I am probably pretty good at reading
them myself...

So, when the ultrasound tech was hunting on the right
side for an ovary and cyst and all we got was
NOTHING...I began to wonder what was happening.

That is cyst!

She decided to look at me from a different

Oops! There was a cyst ...

on the LEFT side!

I have no ovary on the left side!!!
It was taken with the grapefruit sized
abcess two years ago.

She decided that my right ovary must have
"floated" over there.

She seemed rather calm so I decided not to

I went to change.

When I came out from the changing room she
was in quite a quandary...

how was she going to explain that she took a
picture of a right ovarian cyst on my left side?

She needed to re-label the pictures.

To do this we needed to re-do the study.


The pictures and measurements are
taken to do the documentation that is
required for the "whatever it is on the left side"
now for just one more look on that that right side.

She warns me that this is going to hurt and goes to
a spot that would seem impossible to get to.
I wince and there it is. The right ovarian cyst that
I was there to have checked out in the first place.

It is sitting almost on my hip.
This explains so much!

I am so glad that she wanted to redo the
study or we would have assumed that
I was out of my mind and making up the pain...
well, I wouldn't have said I was making up the
pain...but Doctors have been known to say that!

Anyway, here is the quote of the day from this
awesome tech:

"If you grow a uterus in the next
30 seconds, I am going to retire!"

I laughed so hard.

So...the long and the short of it is this...
I have a new something on the left side that
must be attached to something other than an ovary...
because there is none there
and the right cyst has grown some.
The new one is bigger than the old one.

Told you it is never boring!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Goodness girl!

What are they going to do, now?

I have Lindsay's cold, but no flu, we will pray for Mikey!

Warren is so brave!!!

Alicia said...

Wow Becky! I am interested like Auntie Dee, what will they do? I am sorry for your pain! I think a lot of women experience these cysts from what I hear. I will be praying for you!!

On the flu! It seems to sweep through everyone! I hope your hubby stays away from it!! My husband now has that head cold...ugh

Anonymous said...

ovarian displacement. lovely. not.

and to get to do *two* scans. two pressing scans bringing tickles of excitement. just like the ferris wheel. hehe.

you know i'm kidding with you - and i hope you further know how much i *understand* what you're experiencing.

((( gentle hug )))

Prayer <><