Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update - Good News!

The Doctor told Georgia this morning
that they are going to hold off
on surgery for now.

This is the best news because
the surgery that was proposed
sounded simply barbaric!

Thank you for your well
wishes and offers of help!

I am tired and my own body
is fighting me on all of this stress.

Keep the prayers coming and
we shall see what this day brings.

On another note:

I saw a message posted on a Church
Billboard that made me crazy.
It said,

"When all else fails turn to God."

What am I missing?

When all else fails?!?!?

Just wondered if that strikes you
as "wrong" as it struck me.


Mrs. Rabe said...

You are right my friend, it is all wrong! And on a church, too!

We need to turn to God BECAUSE everything else WILL fail!

Glad about Georgia, still praying.

Anonymous said...

God first!!! Becky, go take the letters off!!!