Thursday, November 1, 2007

Homeschooling is not for Cowards

Yesterday's homeschool hit a major pot hole. As I told you in my post I was not feeling well anyway and then part way into history the boys started making smart comments and I decided not to go any further because I could feel my blood pressure rising. I put my book down, somewhat forcefully, and informed them that they could begin writing a report on disrespect. I sent Chelsea on to do her regular assignments of math, french and typing because she had done nothing to offend me.
I then headed for the computer for some time to have a pity party. You know, the one where you think, "I have sacrificed so much for them and I deserve respect and even appreciation!" Grrr...well, if you are a homeschooler, you must know by now that those thoughts are not of a whole lot of value. We are not likely to be appreciated for this sacrifice for many years to come and it is of no use to expect it now. Having said that, I still feel that having the boys write was a valuable exercise because it brought out some important points and was basically a mid term review of the history materials we are studying. The boys are bored with it. I understand why. The book we are using is designed for all age groups and is not challenging enough for them. So...with this knowledge in hand, this momma is going to up the ante. They are going to be challenged to find something they really don't have a clue about and learn, learn, learn!
Remember, that we were talking about History...Mikey forgot that we were talking about that specifically and let it out that he wants to learn about new technology. Gold nugget!!!! So what if it is about if we contrast old machinery to today's and future technology for those machines?
Jonathan is convinced that there is nothing about the history in this curriculum that he either doesn't already know...he did peruse the book...or doesn't need to know but he is interested in England's origins and history. O.k. that was coming up later in the year...we will jump ahead. Why stifle that interest relearning or dumbing down learning for them? It will mean more work for both boys but I have a feeling they will be up for it if it is of interest.
So, I guess yesterday's outburst happened for a reason.
I was so frustrated with these children that when I dropped Mikey at work I took the other two and left them at the Library for some research and reading time while I went off and had "hair-apy". Yep! I got my hair cut! It looks pretty good. Maybe, I'll show you later.
Just a reminder that homeschooling is not easy! It is a sacrifice! But, if this is what you are called to do you will be given the tools and strength to make it through.
Blessings on your day and hoping for a better one here...


Mrs. Rabe said...

I completely understand! A great reminder as well that God uses frustration to guide and direct our steps. When something is not working it is ok to modify it and make it work or get something different!

Thanks for being real Becky!

Anonymous said...

It would be fun for your boys to be in my son's History class. His class sounds great. I ordered for him the National Geo DVD about North Korea with Lisa Ling (very interesting if you can get it) He was going to show it to his class because the History books don't have much on N Korea.They went in with hidden camera's. He incorporates a lot of different things into his teaching.

I didn't like History much as a teen but I would love to now be a History teacher (U.S) They will come around. Is there some work of historical fiction that would be a different route to go??

Hang in there. I don't HS anymore, but I do remember the frustration and I do get that way when my daughter consistantly says, "I have no homework". UGH