Friday, November 2, 2007

Tea For One

Last year around this time we met a couple of sisters at a craft show. They fell in love with one of our tea for one candles. It was the perfect combination to remind them of the mother who had recently passed away. The violets were their mother's favorite flower and she often drank tea. So, you see, this was a perfect way for the sisters in the family to each have something to remember Mom by. Our problem was that we did not have enough of these to supply each sister with one.
Our source for these particular tea for one sets is in Virginia so knowing that we would get back there again I assured the sisters that we would pick up more and fill them.
Best intentions!
Then my father-in-law fell and had major brain trauma and we could not go anywhere! Finally, in September we made the trip back to Virginia and got 3 more teapots. I ran into this customer at the craft show we participated in this year and let her know.
She is thrilled!
So here's one of the three we just filled
...Love it!
So adorable
and filled with memories!


Anonymous said...

What is the scent in the tea cups? Very nice to go to the work for these ladies!!

Becky K. said...

In this case the scent is orange tea but we put in whatever anyone wants. My personal fav is apple cinnamon...yum!
You are so faithful to commment! I thank you for that and just kow that we would really enjoy hanging out! Talking about our spiritual walk and scrapbooking.

Terri and Bob said...

Now, those are adorable! Are you selling these to your loyal blog friends?

Mrs. Rabe said...

I love those Becky! It is like you to go the extra mile for someone!

Becky makes wonderful candles!

Anonymous said...

Becky!! Where are you today??? I will check back later!! Hope you're having a great Saturday!