Friday, November 9, 2007

Two Years ago today...

I lost my precious Daddy at the young age of 58. I have been thinking of memories I treasure from my childhood (and beyond), as they relate to my father:

- His study at the Church he pastored when I was young. It was so full of books and he always had a treasure trove of cups, bowls and glasses. Mom paid us a nickel apiece to bring them back to the house from the church study.

- The night Daddy shot a bat in the church with a bb gun. We were watching from the nursery. It was an old country church with an attic full of bats.

- His love of fly fishing. The beautiful rainbow trouts retrieved from Penns Creek so near our home. I still don't like to eat fish, though.

- On hot summer days the family would escape to a mountain park called Tall Timbers for a picnic. So soothing and the water was COLD!

- Listening to baseball games on AM radio. The radio "whistled".

- Listening to old radio shows such as Lum and Abner. We had no TV.

- Friendly, brisk discussions about literature choices. JRR Tolkein, CS Lewis vs. Grace Livingston Hill.

- Going to see local ball teams play and pick up games with friends from church. His concern the day I got a line drive in the belly.

- Our playful "nasal" singing to the southern gospel music at the Sunday dinner table. This was something that just Daddy and I took part in...Mom and Allan just laughed.

- Listening to polka music while at the dinner table.

- Singing together, for real, at the many churches that invited our group in for a service.

- Riding the CATA Bus into a Penn State Football game while Daddy quizzed me about the facts of football. ie, what is a safety?

- Freezing on metal bleachers while watching Penn State Soccer.

- Learning to drive...Daddy didn't last long on this one and Mom got me back after I took Dad for a ride into a corn field. My kids love that story!

- Seeing his happiness at my choice in a mate. He loved Warren so much!

- His transparent delight in his grandchildren.

- His help and encouragement to our young family in so many ways.

As you can see, I love my Dad a whole bunch and could never express the whole of the loss that his leaving has left in my life. I am so thankful that this good-bye is not permanent!
Thanks for indulging me on this emotional day.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute!!

Again Becky, we have something in common!! My dad was a Pastor and he was a fisherman. He wasn' a fly fisherman but a surf/ocean fisherman! Isn't that something??

Our dad's were not only fisher's of FISH but fisher's of MEN!

What a legacy to pass on!

Also you can have a peaceful day knowing that your Dad is with our Lord! What comfort that is!