Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advice please!!

I have these two really cute chairs. I know that they are not being used to their maximum capacity sitting in the back of my family room waiting to be needed. I would like to use them in a special way but cannot figure out how to yet. I have not touched them to recover or anything. They came into the house and down the stairs and there they sit. Would you recover the seat on the one? The other is caned and is in pretty good shape. Be creative! What would you do with these chairs?
Do you have stray chairs and if so what have you done with them?


Mrs. Rabe said...

I like those chairs Becky. I don't have any creativity flowing right now, it is too early!

I think I would recover the seat on the one and maybe paint both chairs in the same color. They are so similar and with the same color the would be a set.

Maybe a nice cream color, then you could use any color to recover the seat.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting on my stray chair!! And I have been wondering the same thing!! So, I will hang out here and see what people come up with!!

Come on Ladies!! Put on your thinking caps!!!

Terri and Bob said...

Beautiful chairs! I love black, so I would recommend it but I know others love white... I love my stray chairs, too and always use them when I have guests over.

the feathered nest said...

I'd either paint them and make some cute seat cushions or make some slipcovers for them.

Extra chairs are always handy!


Mrs. Rabe said...


Go quickly to Manuela's blog and see her chair! It turned out so great!

Your chairs would look great!

Becky K. said...

Mrs Rabe,
You are so right. Manuela's chair turned out so nicely.


Hmmm... am I brave enough to paint them???
I know that I could re-cover the one with no pangs...
I'll let you know.
I also think I know where I want to put them when they are done.
I have a clutter corner in the bedroom that could probably benefit from these chairs instead of the clutter.