Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mom is home!

A tired but happy Grandma and her ecstatic Chelsea. We are so happy to have Mom back safe and sound. (Thanks for taking excellent care of her Aunt Naomi and Uncle Cliff. We saw her pictures from your new house before we were allowed to go to the salad bar! Beautiful!!!! That view is amazing!) What is up with letting her borrow a whole 'nother suitcase?!? Guess the shopping was good, too. Giggle! It's a good thing we took the boys along to carry the loot!
I hear that when she unpacks I get some bulbs to plant - awesome!

We left the Harrisburg Airport and headed off to Hoss's for dinner. I had to take a picture because the sign wasn't working and it really put us in the holiday spirit. Ho! Ho! Ho!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Welcome Home,Ruth!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't Grandma's great!!!

Becky, on our trip from the Philly airport 3 Summers ago to Bob and Phyllis's we came across the "Hooters" resturant. There were some letters out there also. Let's just say the ot in the middle of the word were burnt out. We laughed and laughed!!