Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Stretch and a is good!

Did you ever wonder
if this was all there was...
is it enough?
If you were doing what
you were meant to do?
Occasionally, I pause to I on track?
Do I serve those I love
with joy and grace?

Today was the kind of day
that I truly enjoy.
Filled with family and friends.
First a phone call from my
dear mother
who is enjoying a sweet
visit with her brother
and his family.
It was good to hear her
happy voice.
I have become very used
to having her nearby
and miss her when she
is away.

The kids and I trekked
off on an adventure in
a shopping center on
our way to homeschool co-op

We found a pair of shoes
for Chelsea and a
game system for Mikey...
he has been looking for a
Wii and they are all sold out.
We have called
many a store and
researched web pages

In the end, it was not
a Wii that came home with
us, but a PSP.
I don't know much about it
but the picture on the
screen is nice...
Mikey earned the money and
was willing to spend it on
this system instead of the

Chelsea and I meandered
through our local
Goodwill and managed
to find a leotard for
her gymnastic dreams.
I'm looking through our
budget for the
cash it will take to
allow her to attend organized
weekly classes.
$3.75 for the
leotard was not bad.

We made it to co-op just in the
nick of time.
The joy of being greeted
Moms and young folk alike
is sweet!
The fellowship in the
Mom's room is absolutely
a precious gift to

The students in music
worked so hard today!
The songs are coming along
beautifully spite of me!
Having great helpers is a very
good thing!
I overheard two girls at the
end of the day congratulating
each other on the accomplishment
of finally "getting" the timing
on one very difficult part of
a song.
I long for these girls to
grow stronger in their
relationships with
each other and for the
competition and cliquishness
to be at a minimum...
there is progress
on that front!

A spontaneous trip to the
bowling alley...
with dear friends and
It took four games but finally
a respectable 142
was reached by this obsessed
Watching my 16 year old son
bowling on a lane with
four sweet girls caused an
internal giggle on my part.
He owes me - big time!

Home to whip up a quick
Tuna Noodle Casserole...
enjoyed by all but
my picky son...Mikey.
He is on his own -
Ham and pepperjack cheese
will fill his belly this

A quick peek on some of my
favorite blogs and reading
messages from new found
but already dear friends,
and one well established friend,
Mrs. Rabe.
What a blessing all of
your messages
are to me. Thank you!

Time with my sweet husband,
who's opinion I value so
Questions asked of him
and answered helped my
aching head feel better.
Sometimes, I just wonder...
am I overstepping my boundaries?
Why do people ask me what to
do next?
Where do I fit in at church? co-op?
In the homeschool
community at large?
Even at home..sometimes.

Just another day of
striving to serve
my Lord by serving His
children and those He has
entrusted me with.
It is enough!
I am blessed to be
right here in the
place that He has put me.
This is me stretching, sighing and
being content in this little
corner of the world.

May God bless you, richly and
give you satisfaction in the
daily journey He has for you.


Anonymous said...

I think you are aware of your calling in life right now! What we learned on Wednesday, is that God can prune us and start grafting us for another calling when we are in the midst of the now. So maybe what you are doing now, HS your children is what you are called to right now, but he may be preparing you for something else at the same time!! Isn't that great news? That He calls us for different things at different seasons of our life!! He wants us to grow!!

Yes Becky, life is Good but it is GREAT when you are in relationship with our Savior!

the feathered nest said...

Sounds like a good day! They had Wii at Target last month, they were advertised in their circular. I picked one up as our family Christmas present.


Anonymous said...

You will have so much fun Manuela with the Wii. It is a family game!

Anonymous said...

You will have so much fun Manuela with the Wii. It is a family game!