Saturday, November 10, 2007


Chelsea is delighted to get your responses. She decided that her post topic choice must have been a good idea. Mommy smiled and agreed....Thank you!

It was a very busy day today. We started off with homeschool business in the form of a Breakfast for the Co-op Support Group Leaders in our organization then an interview with our anticipated speaker for the 2008 graduation. I am relieved to have that detail almost completed. With nearly ninety graduates and about 1200 in attendance we want to continue to invite quality speakers who will share a great challenge with the graduates while also sharing a gospel message. I think this one will hit a home run!

The boys are off at a Fall Fest with their Youth Group. This was postponed because of rain a couple of weeks ago so the boys have been anticipating in for a while now. Warren has gone to "fetch" them home again. I am thinking that they will sleep well tonight.

I am on my way to put meat on for a beef stew. I'll let the meat cook all night then add the veggies in the morning and it can finish at the church. I will be making a lettuce salad and 2 loaves of bread(the frozen dough kind) as well. This is our last fellowship meal in this church building since it was sold on Friday. As renters we really had no say in the matter but are waiting on the Lord for clear direction. Some things are opening up to us so we will see where we are led.

Have a wonderful Sabbath day and enjoy the presence of the Lord.

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