Saturday, November 3, 2007

Here I am...Miss Paula

Oh, Miss Paula, do I have you spoiled? A post a day...hmmm. Well, thanks for asking!

This was a fun day! I started off going to some yard sales with Beverly,
my candle friend. We have not done anything just for fun in a
while. A lot has changed for both of us this past year. She lost her
husband and I gained a mother-in-law for a neighbor.

I can't tell you everything I found because a few things are tucked away for Chelsea
for Christmas. But, here is something I bought because I love it!

This was just $3.00! So cool! I cannot wait to get things in it! I tried my smaller pumpkins but they are just too big. I could see them with leaves and little pumpkins piled in the flower pots. In the spring I just must get some viny flowers for it.
We found a sale where it was like shopping retail, deep discount. This woman had tons of clothes in my size that still had tags on. They were verrryyyy well priced, too! So much fun! Did I mention
It was fun?!? Cold! But fun!
I did a few necessary things around the house, ya know dishes, vacuum, etc. The bathrooms are calling out to get my attention. That is the last "chore" I will do today.
Then, in between, I decided to play with an idea for fun. Another blog site that offers my candle creations and other fun home decor. If it is successful, great! If not that will be fine too. I have enough to do...I just cannot stand wasting an opportunity to be creative and see what happens. You'll find that site here. I'll keep adding things as I go. So, a bunch of today went into playing with that...
A few minutes ago I went outside with the dogs. I took the camera to take the picture of my yard sale find and captured the dogs being very bad.

See the road? The puppies are on the WRONG side of it! The cornfield must have something very interesting in it because they are not supposed to go there and they know it! This is guilt....

But did she stop? Oh No! She did this...

Finally, both dogs were back on their side of the road and then my camera clicking finger went crazy and took pictures of all of these...

Pumpkins on the stump of the tree we cut down...

Really tough flowers that have hung in through frost...
and my crazy scarecrow with attitude. I have not shown him to you before because I desperately need to clean the siding there but if not now, it will never happen and I just love his attitude!

And...finally... the pumpkins that I just had to buy after sitting in the rain for an hour and a half the day we were moving Georgia. To read that click here.

So, as you can see, Miss Paula...I have been a very busy lady today and it feels great! What did you do?

How about anyone else who might happen across my little space? What did you do today?


Mrs. Rabe said...

Hey Becky!

Sounds like a great yard sale, can't wait to see what else you bought!

Mom and I went to Lititz today, to poke around in the shops there. Wow! I usually only go up to the Wilbur store and have been in a few stores across from there but this was on the main street! So much fun! We even had lunch at the tea shop, and then went to flower and craft warehouse! That was crowded like crazy!

Anonymous said...

The Flower and Craft Warehouse??? No Fair!!!

Silly girls!! I love the information. I love Lititz Main St.

Becky I like your new find. You could even put little white lights around it also!!

My day, well I cried for over an hour last night laying next to my dear daughter listening to her and holding her. So today my eyes are puffy and blurry. I ache all over. I finished a stitchery and went and bought a new book at Barnes and Noble which I will post on my blog!! We are doing dinner out since Evan, Kaitlin and dad worked hard outside today and Jill worked 9-5:30. So my day isn't as fun sounding as yours or Dee's but I loved hearing about your day!! I feel like I am right there!! TFS (thanks for sharing)Happy Sabbath!

Terri and Bob said...

Love the scarecrow with attitude!