Monday, November 5, 2007

Being Thankful

It would seem a trend in blogworld to express thankfulness as we come into the Thanksgiving season...not bad! So many times we are just too busy in our daily activities that we do not pause to appreciate the blessings in our lives. Here are a few things that I am thankful for today...I'll try to keep it short (no promises).

1. The blessing of being born in this amazing country.
2. Being born into a Christian Heritage.
3. That Jesus died for my sins.
4. A wonderful husband who loves and cares for me - even when I drive him crazy
with all of my ideas... :-)
5. Three great children.
6. A church family that goes the extra mile for each other.
7. A job that flexes with my priorities and allows me to serve others.
8. The ability to teach my own children.
9. The new and the old friends.
10. My home - this brings me to a story that I have been wanting to share...

About four years ago we realized that Jonathan had literally outgrown our former home.
I have mentioned that he is now about 6'4". Then he was just over 6' and we lived in a cape cod where he had to bend over to get just about anywhere in his bedroom...the one he shared with Mikey. I loved that little house but it was also a hub for church activities and it seemed time to find something that would better allow us to serve. When we had purchased the house it was with the thought that we would fix it up and then move to another location off the busy highway where it sat. So, that time had come.
Perhaps you have realized by now that I am a bit independent...ahem...friends, stop shouting, I know you know! Anyway, I decided that as we had sold our last home ourselves we could do the same thing here. So, the ad went into the paper and the sign went into the yard. A lovely young couple showed up the first week and absolutely loved the house and the process of selling it to them began.
This was great and we were off to find our new home. We put offers on a couple and being cheap as we are did not win in the bidding war. Finally we found a home that had room for us to grow into and had mature perennial gardens in the back yard. I still have pictures of that house. Want to see? Here are a few:

So we were all excited and put an offer on this house contingent on the sale of our current home. We had done this many times before and it had always worked out just fine. But disaster struck! The young couple that had been so excited about purchasing our home backed out just before they signed the contract. Her father had offered them the family could I fault them? We had purchased the family home from my parents some years before and it was great...but where did that leave us? I was devastated and just a few minutes after receiving the news had small group meeting at our cottage home. I was not miraculously joyful, but our friends really were supportive and helpful that evening. By the end of the night I had renewed hope. I got on the phone and called the realtor of another couple that had seen the home and loved it. They were still interested. We now had a new contract on our house...signed at the bowling alley because our church was having a family fun night there.
In the meantime, the home that we had a contract on got another offer. No contingencies. They, being level headed people, accepted that offer and it knocked us out of that home. I was really nervous now...We have a couple that wants into our home as soon as possible but nowhere to go. Help!
Sometime in the year before I had met a great young couple to assist them with some financial planning and they had mentioned wanting to build a new home. I had wondered why in the world they would want to leave the beautiful neighborhood they were in and the home seemed huge to me after our most recent nest. As God would have it they called, that day, and I needed to stop by their place to pick up some paperwork. For no good reason on my part I asked Warren if he wanted to ride along that evening. He did. We got there and I commented that this was the neighborhood that I wished we could move into. He agreed that it was nice but out of our reach. We pulled into the driveway and I ran to the door. I received the paperwork from Denise and was saying goodbye when all of the sudden out of my mouth came these words, "Hey, if you do decide to sell, let me know". Her jaw dropped open! She said, "You are kidding me, we were going to call the realtor tomorrow!"
She invited us in for a tour. It was meant to be...we just knew it! We loved the house and could not wait to show it to our family to see if they agreed. So Sunday rolls around and finds us back with measuring tapes, camera, Warren's parents and our children. We made an offer and filled out the paperwork the following week. Another for sale by owner situation.
Things were not smooth sailing in the sale of our home but they did close. Sadly, that couple separated just three months later and sold that home again, but I know that God sent them to us, just then, so that we would find this blessing in our lives. Living here has been wonderful. We are so blessed!
I attempt to remind myself of God's caring and providence in our lives by remembering this when things appear to be falling apart. I am not a saint, but the sooner this occurs to me when under stress the better for me, and everyone around me.
By the way, that home that we almost got...sits across from a shooting range. I have been to yard sales out that way on a saturday morning and it is very loud and non-stop shooting. Hmmm, I wonder how long it would have taken us to regret the purchase of that house?
I think the best part about growing older is experience! Knowing all that God has done in the past and how HE has proved HIS faithfulness.
I am very thankful for that!

Have a thankful day...


Terri and Bob said...

I am learning to live with no regrets. The house I didn't get? Thank you God for sparing me whatever I didn't know. The job I didn't get? Thank you God for watching out for me. The raise that didn't happen? Thank you God for teaching me to be satisfied with the blessings you give us. Its a hard thing to do but it is so soul satisfying when you can accept what the Lord gives you! Now, you have to show us photos of the house you have now!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we don't know know why we didn't get this or that, or something fell through. But God knows. Sometimes we may be learning a lesson or two. We might not see the "why" in our lifetime but maybe it will be something that was set in place for our children or grandchildren. God is a Big Picture man! WE, are not! (Although sometimes it would be nice, LOL)

the feathered nest said...

What a great story! That was all meant to be!