Monday, November 12, 2007

Rockets in the Living Room

I took this cute picture of Chloe
and when I put it into photobucket
all of a sudden I noticed some
unusual decor
in the background.
Bet most of you don't keep rockets in your living room!
I have attempted to keep them
in the garage.
But apparently that is bad!
They will warp.
The boys' rooms?
Not without a protective box.
They cannot sit anywhere that sun will hit them,
where they might get damp,
or anywhere,
at all,
other than my living room.

here these two sit,
looking like art...
yep, that's what I will call them!
This mommy is proud of the
two boys who made these rockets.
We launched them last evening
and my heart just about stopped when
Mikey's green one,
it is named,
The Dragonfly,
went up about 10 feet
and then seemed to explode.
Big noise!
Big smoke!
It then fell back to the ground.
I was very relieved to find out
a few minutes later that the rocket
had survived the explosion.
It was launched again later with excellent results.
These are great rockets.
Now, I don't want anything to
happen to them either.
My boys would be devastated.
And so they have earned
their little space in this corner.
They are a great conversation starter.
One is colorful,
the other stately.
don't you all want
in your living rooms?


Anonymous said...

You could put little white twinkly lights around them! To enhance the Art!!

Elijah's Mommy said...

maybe one day we'll have rockets in our living room! My little boy isn't big enough yet so right now i enjoy finding his little rubber duckys by the bathroom sink or his small plastic animals hidden under the couch pillows.... they all remind me of my very busy little boy who loves adventure! =) I hear him waking up right now.. i'd better go!
Have a great day!

Becky K. said...

Miss Paula,
That would be so funny. The boys' faces would be hysterical!

elijah's mommy,
I truly hope that you do get to have rockets in your living room sometime. They represent family togetherness, boys creating and so much more!

Thanks ladies!