Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looking Forward to Today!

Today will be full but enjoyable!

We will begin with a morning full of lessons.
Some of the ongoing reading is nearing an end
and the plot is thickening in Airborn.
I know, we have been reading that for a long
time...but there are MANY pages! :-)

In Language Arts we are doing a unit on Poetry
and I found one of my all time favorite poems in
one of our resource books.
It is James Weldon Johnson's The Creation.
It is too long to post here but here is a link.
I love the artistry of the words as Mr. Johnson
preaches about Creation.
You don't have to email me about
the factual nature of the text.
But, I still enjoy it for the
spirit and beauty of the words.
I'll go ahead and put it on record,
I know that God spoke the world into
existence. Just humor me on this poem.
Imagine James Earl Jones reading it!

After running Mikey to work at noon we will
head over for some bowling with friends.
Look out Bob and Phyllis, Deanna and all...
we are feeling strong...not.
But, it will be a good time.

There will be a quick trip home
and then out the door again to
go to the airport and pick up my
mother. Traveler that she is!
I heard from her yesterday and
know that she has thoroughly enjoyed
her visit with her brother and all
of the family there in South Carolina.
We will stop for dinner on the way
home at a family favorite restaurant.
Mom will be anxious to leave so she can
get home to her dog and two cats.

Welcome Home, Mom!
I have missed you!

Please pray for two of my favorite
families on this planet.
They live next door to each other
in a small town near State College.
One is a Pastoring family. Keith has been
diagnosed with a very unusual cancer
and is seeking wisdom for treatments.
He, and his wife Sharon, really need extra
prayer support.
In the house next door to Keith and Sharon,
my friend, Shelley and her husband Joe are
preparing to take in the daughter of a friend.
The choice was to take in this troubled
girl or let her go to a group home.
They are seeking the Lord's strength and
wisdom as they welcome this girl in and
attempt to help her through a very rough patch.
This will not be easy. But Shelley's heart is
bigger than all of Pennsylvania and I know
that God will give them the tools they need.

I look forward to today because I know God is
very near. He is our rock!
There are so many uncertainties in our future
but they are not a mystery to God, The Creator
of all things.

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Anonymous said...

Like a mammy bending over her baby

We have seen pictures and movies of this scene. How she takes that baby to her bosom and loves that baby dearly!! YES, that is how God see's us!! He loves us and when the poem said he gets lonely, He wants a relationship with us. He wanted to lavish His love on Adam to walk and commune with Him. And just as he did with Adam, so it is with us!! Although, we are the ones who get wrapped up in other things and leave God hanging!!

I want to know what good resturant you're going to!!!! MMMMmmmm