Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Allan's Woodwork - Exceptional !!!

My brother, Allan, has been a talented artist since he was a teen. I remember sitting on the streets of State College in the kids section of the Arts Festival selling greeting cards with his sketches on them. We would end up having more printed overnight to put together for the next day they were so popular.
From there Allan moved into sculpture and as an adult was an artist at the People's Choice Festival at Boalsburg. Most of his pieces have been sold and he has a "real job" now at Penn State but one day I hope he can let those creative juices flow again for the benefit of others.
Allan's latest project has been a huge one. His own home. And in this home is some of the most amazing woodwork you will ever see. Anything that is wood in this house is his creation, except the bamboo flooring.

This fireplace mantle and wraparound are one of his special creations. As with all of the baseboard and doors Allan begins with a rough piece of wood and does whatever it takes to get it to be exactly what it needs to be. I have helped to move this wood in its original form and can tell you that there is nothing special about it when it enters his shop.
You will notice how Allan incorporated some of Steve de Perrot's tiles into the mantle to tie in the theme from the kitchen area. It is tastefully not overdone! I like that.

Then there are the doors in his house. This is the door to the main floor restroom. It is huge and has this saying scribed into it. Every door on this level has a saying. Amazing!

The door that took the most time and is the most crafted is the front entry door. This doorway took a couple of years to complete with planning, carving, building and installation. But it is worth it! Just look.

I confess to being a huge fan of my brother's work. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of these. Thanks, Allan for putting up with the camera over Thanksgiving. You make me so proud...in a good way!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Gorgeous! You have alot of talent in your family Becky!

See you later, alligator!

Tracy said...

Nothing short of spectacular! Your brother has a wonderful gift...and how splendidly he shares the magic. The fireplace is beautiful...And that William Morris quote is a favorite of mine, and often comes in handy when considering decorations. Happy week to you ((HUGS))

Terri and Bob said...

He now has another fan. Now that is a work of art. He will be remembered for this. I will bet he will be featured in a book or magazine sometime in his life.

Elijah's Mommy said...

Wow! That was amazing! The fire place and doors are so beautiful!
I think that's pretty cool how he put the quotes in the doors.

Anonymous said...

What great work. People pay big bucks for this kind of work and to be able to do this yourself is wonderful. I love the door with the quote. Such talent!

KJ said...

Oh, Becky, your brother's work is exquisite! Truly, it is workmanship like this that prevents me from being a Shabby Chic fan. Just on look at the beautiful grain in the woodwork of the fireplace and I am smitten!

I don't have a fireplace, but if I did, I would want it to look like your first photo! And the other projects…FABULOUS! I am so glad that you showcased these photos! Tell your brother that he rocks!

KJ from California
(and married to a Reading, PA. guy)

Anonymous said...

Marvelous and amazing and almost unbelievable. Wow...

Alicia said...

Wow! What beautiful wood work!! You have such talent in your family!!