Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More favorites...and stories

This grouping is one of my favorites for all of the memories that are represented. The blue clock was Warren's parents and we received it as a gift from them a few years ago. There was a year when we were moving from Centre County to York County in 1990/91 when we stayed with Warren's parents while we sold a house in the State College area. Every hour on the hour thoughout the night this clock would strike. When it wasn't striking it was tick tocking so loud that it drove me crazy. I was pregnant with Jonathan at the time and easily irritated. Anyway, I think it is cute that I look on it fondly at this stage of my life. Even better, since it is in my house it is not wound, so does not do any of those things I found so irritating. It just sits there and looks pretty.

The antique viewmaster was from Warren's grandmother. Our children still love it, even at their ages and I keep it there to remind us of her, now that she has passed on. She died just a couple of weeks after my Dad. She was 93.
I keep that picture of Chelsea from so many years ago to see how much she has grown...and I like the frame...
The lamp in the picture at the top of this post also came from Grandma Charlotte as did the table that everything is sitting on. That lamp sat on a table in her living room beside a huge bowl that held cards that people would send Grandma. I still see those things together, although Georgia has the huge bowl and it holds cards in her home. She continues to recieve many cards as her friends are true and have not forgotten her even as she has moved to be near us.

Speaking of friends...the tiny little framed pictures by the lamp were a gift from a friend at church on my 40th birthday. They don't show up that well in pictures but they are so sweet and it was nice of Sue to express her friendship in this way.
The picture is new. I found it at Kirklands Outlet Store at Rockvale Square. It is very strange how the wall color looks green behind the picture, it is not. It is a cream color on this wall and the rest of the room is a pale green. Sound strange? It's not. It looks nice together.

This is one little wall in my living room that is just packed with memories.


Anonymous said...

The last two weeks in our study we have studied the basin, the lampstand and the table in the Tabernacle. Then I come here and read your story of a bowl, lamp, and a table and they all have different memories for you. Just as the Tabernacle and these items have their own meanings then and now and what is coming! God is so creative in His reminding me of what I am studying! Thanks for your story!

What is in the lower circle of the clock? I can't see what is there!

Terri and Bob said...

That is a lovely display, made even more lovely by the memories it has. I love your story, too!

Becky K. said...

My Mom and Mother-in-law are doing the same study and LOVING it! One day when I am done being my kiddos teacher I am looking forward to some time for things like that.

We talked at length last evening at dinner about all of the meaning involved in the details of the tabernacle. It is amazing...definitely a faith builder.

As for the clock, it is some sort of gold artsy floral on a circle of glass.

signed..a very tired but contented
Becky K.