Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our adventures in Lititz - Part One

Hear me singing..."Oh what a beautiful Morning! Oh what a beautiful day!" Really it was. Even if the air was a bit nippy.

This post is a long one. You are welcome to get a cup of something and kick back while you join me on this virtual tour.

Mom, Georgia and I piled into the car and headed down the road toward Lititz with just one stop to make on the way.
A huge barn sale.
Here is the deal on that. I forgot to take a picture of the barn sale because the deals were so good that I just got down to shopping.
But, to prove my good intentions,
here is a picture of the house that went with
the barn that the sale was in. Isn't it pretty?
(Pictures on this post will enlarge when clicked on...I recommend it!)

I thought so...snapped the picture...
and then I proceeded to get a pretty tealight holder, some wrought iron candle holders and a whole box of candy molds for just $3.00 total.
Am I good, or what??
So, any other picture taking had to be put on hold
for such serious business.

Next we headed for Lititz. Lititz is North of Lancaster City and is home to a Moravian Girls School and a very old Moravian Church.
Georgia's parents nearly sent her to school there as a young girl. They attended First Moravian Church in York all of her growing up years. Her mother was a member there until her passing two years ago. So, it was special to see the Lititz church and school as we drove through the town.

Now, understand that I have lived in Lancaster County for more than seven years and had not set foot on the streets of Lititz for pleasure. Business, yes, but not shopping. How could I have missed it? I guess it comes back to my aversion of all things "tourist". I am going to have to get over that! This town is a gem!
We found history, beauty and fabulous people there.

The event that drew us to Lititz today was an Open House of Pots by de Perrot.
This artist has talent fairly dripping from his fingers.
My brother, Allan and his wife, Beverly met Steve de Perrot at the Arts Festival in State College a couple of years ago. Steve quickly became Allan and Bev's choice for tile maker for their new home.

Let me just say that this is a real honor since my brother and his wife are both in the Art field professionally. Allan holds a Fine Arts degree from Penn State and Beverly is a Curator at Penn State's Palmer Art Museum. Allan has to be one of the pickiest artsy people I know.
He has great taste, though.

We approached the door with anxious anticipation and then were met by sheer beauty.

The yard was stunning too.

For more information about this artist and his work you can check out the web site at this LINK.

Next, we began a walking tour in the heart of Lititz.
I thoroughly embarrassed the "Moms" by asking shop owners for permission to take pictures and mention them on the blog.
The first store we visited was

This was a beautiful furniture store and the layout as well as the
furniture was pleasing. This horse was unique.

And then took a picture of the Thanksgiving Table display

If you are ever in Lititz, check them out!
They are easy to find and have parking in front of the store.

The next store we visited was mostly out of curiosity about the name.

What in the world was a Barking Lamb?
So we asked!! The owner of this store answered our question by showing us a
photo of her 70 pound poodle.
The store was named after this dog because it is big, white and very fluffy,
somewhat resembling a lamb(the dog, not the store). See its picture HERE on the web site.
Check out these hats!

And this unusual piece of furniture...have you seen one like this before?

There was an awful lot to like in this shop.
I particularly liked two chocolate sets and the Nesting Russian Dolls.
You can see them on her web site. I was busy looking and forgot the picture. Hey, I was just warming up to this photojournalist idea.

Lititz is famous for its Wilbur Buds. In case you are not aware, Hershey is not the only chocolate factory in South Central Pennsylvania.

The entire downtown smells of chocolate. Yum!
This was as we were heading into the candy store and museum area. Don't they look excited?

These are entirely edible:

And these shots of the museum area:

Want to order online? Go to the Wilbur Chocolate Website by clicking on THIS.

By now it was lunchtime. We had many choices of places to eat. Glassmyers was reminiscent of old town America. Mom told of her childhood days of playing Restaurant with her dolls and how, in her mind, this is how her restaurant had looked. A converted Victorian home made for a cozy and lovely luncheon experience. I thought of all of the Grace Livingston Hill books I have read and how this transported us into that time period.
We got there just in time because soon after the entire Restaurant was full!
I enjoyed a turkey club on pumpernickle bread. That was a first...but it was so good! A quick pic of the happy Moms as we came out for more exploration...

In Part Two of our Day in Lititz we will see more shops.

I would visit any one of the stores we saw today again...and I am sure that I will! I may become a tourist yet!

Many thanks to the store owners for their willingness to have photos snapped in their places of business. Thanks Moms for being such good sports and making the day fun!


Merchant911 said...


We're so glad that you enjoyed out little town and our store! Drop by again any time. RainBear told me she enjoyed your little visit to the Barking Lamb.

Tom -
The Barking Lamb

Terri and Bob said...

This sounds like a true expedition! Your descriptions and photos are awe-inspiring! Can't wait for part 2.

Mrs. Rabe said...


I went to Lititz for fun shopping for the first time this year too!

I will definately go with you sometime! We can go to the tea shop!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Hi, I probably would have enjoyed the ice cream store the best! =) Although i thought the store with the rocking horse was really cute.
I heard about your giveaway from Mrs. Rabe first but i was already planing on coming over to visit. =)