Monday, November 26, 2007

Recent Conversations in a Blog Home

Warren: The server computer crashed today.

Me: Oh, o.k.

I am thinking, this is not a problem we have a usb cable and I can still retrieve pictures since that computer was the one that I could simply stick the camera card into. So...we go away for Thanksgiving and I take a card full of beautiful...I am sure they are! We get home Friday night.
Early Saturday morning I attempt to get the pictures the old fashioned way...ahem... with the usb cable. To do this I had to climb up on a chair and then onto the desk, reach behind the computer, carefully removing one usb cable to insert the correct one into that very tiny spot on the very lower part under another cable. Aha! Got it! Exhilaration! I am she-woman! I settle into the seat for a very satisfactory post about our time away and... Hmmm, camera is not recognized. The computer wants a disk! The nerve!
O.k., I'll give you a disk. Surely the one it wants is right here in this massive stack of disks. Nope! Time to call in the expert, these pictures are getting stale. No one wants to see Thanksgiving pictures the next week!
Next dilemma... how to awake the slumbering, hard working, sleep deprived hubby without...actually being the one to wake him up?
Son, number one provided just the occasion. He reheated a huge container of leftovers of which you know he was only going to eat a couple of bites. I had to speak loudly to him. After all, Warren has spoken to him about the same thing before.
Actually, the words came out before I thought about how they might affect Warren's slumber...but the next thing you know there is stirring from the bedroom. it is time to casually mention...

Me: you know where the disk is for the camera? The computer seems to want one.

Warren: Groans...and heads for the stairs.

Me: I really need to get these pictures off the camera today...

Warren: You are so obsessed.

There was much fiddling with the computer and the same piles of disks I had already looked through...then there were some unhappy sounds so I kind of meandered out of the room. I came back a while later to a very unhappy husband saying something about old cameras and how ridiculous it is to require a disk driver...or something like that.

By now, I am feeling very guilty and begin wondering what would be involved in just getting the other computer fixed. Warren is great at this and he always seems to be working on someone's computer. So, I start with that train of thought which causes a lot of searching for a pc power supply at local store web sites.

Suffice it to say that I went overboard on my determination to get those pictures out of the camera and my relationship with Warren was a little less than healthy for part of Saturday.
Not so good.
Definitely, my fault!

Fast forward to this morning.

I am awake and ready to attempt this process would think I would learn. Ha! No!
I am determined now to find that disk. Do you know that within minutes...I DID! Yeah!!! I put it in the computer. I load it and register it. I am now enthused and the adrenalin is going...Once again I crawl up onto the desk to plug in the usb cable. I don't know why he unplugged it...but that was ok...YOU were about to see pictures!

Nothing! The computer still will not recognize the usb cable and camera, even with the installed disk that sits on the computer and says its name. It knows what kind of camera I have but it WILL NOT read it. Stubborn thing!
... not that I know anything about being stubborn.

Upstairs I need to wake Warren, he is getting ready to leave for work.

Me: Hey, I found that disk..........but.....the thingy is still not showing up and do you think...?

Warren heads for the stairs.

He sits down and begins clicking....

He uninstalls and reinstalls the information in the disk.

No success!!

Me: Well, I can just go to Rite Aid and do something.

Warren: Like what? Print the pictures?

Me: No, something. (I am thinking what do I want with printed pictures? These are for something much more important than that!)

Warren: This sure has become important all of a sudden. (As he heads out the door and on his way to work)

Me: I cannot let them get stale! They are getting stale. No one wants to see them past Wednesday...they will be too...

So, my friends...all five of you...this is the trouble I have gone through to attempt to show you lovely pictures from our Thanksgiving and stay in Centre County. I may show them to you yet if I get them out of the camera prison that they are in.
I truly tried to be patient this weekend.
But, patience is something that I am still working on.
Not praying for!
Working on!
Hey, is one of you praying for me to be more patient?!?

Hope you have no camera issues today! I am going to attempt to solve mine in a way that won't terrorize my husband. He is the Best! The things he puts up with from me...yikes!


Mrs. Rabe said...

I am still laughing!

Oh Becky, I annoyed my darling this weekend too, but mine was over where I was going to put the tree, and the fact that is wasn't exactly prepared for the tree, yet!

Anyway...I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if you are unable to show us the pictures!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!! When it comes to pictures, I love to see them!!

But the funny thing is...I wanted to take a picture of some fabric that a gal on my message board is looking for, "cupcakes"! I thought I would share with her!! Well, guess who cannot find their little square picture thingy from her camera??? ME!!! So I can relate...Although I think my Jill will know but she is still asleep! I wanted it NOW!!! Guess I have to be patient too!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Ugh, those camera/computer issues can be SO frustrating! Don't worry, we'll still be interested in seeing those pictures even if it's a week (or two) later! =)