Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Busy Day

Yesterday was almost the kind of day to take me out of this world. I was soooo tired at the end that I think I was "swooning". Don't you love that old word.

The day started with pouring up some candles for Mrs. Rabe's Christmas Tea. Just a couple more to go... yikes...and she needs them today! That is why there is a pot of melted soy wax in my kitchen right now.
Then the real craziness began:

1. Went to Willow Valley with Pastor Mike to finalize our arrangements about meeting there and to show him our new "digs". He was on vacation last week when the ladies checked it out and committed to it.

2. Back to the Church to make phone calls to arrange for food to be brought in for last night's move.

3. Off to the storage facility to sign papers and check out our storage unit. It was empty and sizable! Good!
...A funny thing happened on the way back to the car...
After signing the papers, Mike and I decided to walk back to the wasn't far you could see it from the office. So, using the new code the gate was opened and we walked through. At this point it began to rain. What is it with me and rain stories? And always on Thursdays! Anyway, we checked out the space and headed back toward the gate. Then I read a sign that indicated that the gate opens when a CAR gets close enough to it to be detected. I looked around for a keypad. Nope! Just to see if it would help I jumped up and down on the "loop" that would detect a car. Nada! Now, we can see our cars...just on the other side of the fence. We can see my children in my car listening to music. I start jumping up and down and waving for them to come. By now it is a downpour and I have the contract over my head to attempt to keep my hair dry. I have no hopes of getting home before homeschool co-op. Mike has a small fit because I am "sacrificing" the contract. I assure him that it will dry and that I will not! By now my Mikey has approached the fence from the other side and has been instructed in entering the code. The gate opens and we gratefully dash for our cars. Note to self: Always use a vehicle at storage facility. The gate doesn't talk to humans!

4. Called Warren. He had forgotten all of his morning meds. It seemed possible to meet for lunch. To understand why this became such a dilemma for me I have to tell you that I have known for some time that we have a gaping hole in our budget. It is eating out. I love to do it and am not self-disciplined enough to say no often enough. Warren and I had just committed and shared with the kids that decision to seriously cut back on this last weekend. SO... knowing that we were going to be getting lunch out yesterday I was prepared to do a dollar menu or something with the kids but then when Warren was going to be able to come along with us I wanted it to be something healthier than all of that salt and grease. Anyhoo...There was not one restaurant on route 30 (business) that the kids and I could agree on. Warren just wanted us to let him know what we had decided. I got seriously out of sorts and Warren decided to just meet and pass the meds then I could continue wrestling with the kids and he could go back to the relative peace at work. Lucky duck! I finally made an executive decision and we went to the Pizza Hut Buffet. Not too bad...but not the dollar menu!

5. After lunch there was time for a quick stop off at Amelia's for my bribe candy. Those 4-6th graders need thier candy. It "helps" them behave.

6. Now to co-op! Talked to a bunch of folks...directed two choirs...this was our first day in the auditorium to show the kids where to stand and how to gracefully get back and forth to their seats and stand correctly. They got to run through the music in the big room that swallows up thier voices. Now for that lesson in projection. It all worked out ok.
This tiny paragraph does not even come close to demonstrating the energy consumption that took place over these two hours. Nope not a bit!

7. Dropped the boys off at the church to get started with the move. Warren was borrowing a box truck at work and was anticipated with it around that time. I ran to a grocery store to pick up a ton of ground beef then home to make Hamburg BBQ, hot dogs and meatballs. Chelsea took our dogs out and then I took Mom's dog, Bear, for a quick walk. Mom was at work.
I then put everything into my big divided and heated server. I read emails to find out that there was a person available to pick up some furniture at the church that needed to go...made that connection. Took a couple of extra minutes to recharge myself with lovely comments from y'all! Thanks!

8. Bagged up all of the essentials for serving and plates, cups, ketchup, know....Chelsea had arranged for a friend to come so we stopped and picked her up then headed for the church.

9. When I got to the church the loading was done and the men were Hungry!!! I offered for them to go unload and then come back and eat...or...they could wait just a couple of minutes until I was set up and they could eat. There was a definite agreement on their part that they wanted to EAT! And they did! Oh my goodness! While I do have some is not much compared to the food that was taken!
Thanks to Sue for bringing the drinks and desserts, and to Ruth for the rolls and the chips!

10. After that the cleaning began. We got it just about done and were out of there by 10:00 pm. I'll finish up a few things today. I have to make space in my home office for the copier and some office things that we need to have handy.

11. Came home and put together an email version of our Fundraiser Package for the two newest Fundraiser Groups. Got those off to them. If you are interested in a Fundraiser... just email me. We give 50% and the retail price of the candle is $1.00 per ounce. You would pay shipping...or you can pick up if close enough. Anyway, small sales pitch there.

12. Fell into bed at 12:45 am with a swimming head. Don't you wish you had my life??
I do it to myself and so expect no pity!!!!

Maybe your day will look peaceful after that, no matter what you have going.


Tracy said...

You have been very busy, a right busy-bee. And I LOVE the word SWOON! I use it a lot myself and find if fits for may occasions! Hope you find some peace & relaxation after all that...Happy weekend to you ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

It's 9 in the morning and I think after that I need a nap!! The move will be over and then you can breathe easier!

You are too funny with your stories and guess what, we have rain today!!! But I am not going out in it. I don't want to have to write a story like yours....:-)

Alicia said...

What a busy time right now for you! Sounds like you and Auntie Dee have a large but fun event coming up!!!!