Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This 'N That

No great wisdom to share today.
I'm tired and a bit out of sorts.
Yesterday I woke up with a silent
migraine. Ever heard of that?
I was having them about a year ago
and went to a neurologist because I
was losing my balance and my eyes were acting up.
He said it was migraines without the pain.
Who knew!
Anyway, as I stood up out of bed yesterday,
I promptly crashed into the dresser.
So much for being quiet!
The spinning head effect lasted for about an hour
and then faded away leaving me weary.
I am thankful for the lack of pain with
these. I am of the opinion that it is a
combination of stress and hormones that
cause these. Do you know anything about them
that may help me to avoid them?

By the time we needed to leave for bowling
I felt safe to drive so off we went. Dear Mrs. Rabe
promised Miss Paula
a picture of me since I was happily taking pictures and posting
of others this past week. The headache is very visible
on my strained face in those photos on Mrs. Rabe's blog.
And, yes, I do need to lose weight and am working on that!
Also, you may wish to know that my hair was still wet and
oh...I hate having my picture taken! Enough said!

As I type my precous kitty, Tidbit, is at my left hand. She is
purring contentedly. I tried to take a picture of her
but when she is relaxed apparently her eyes look
evil in least that is my take on the look
she showed off for me. Then she had the nerve to
run away. Hmmm...Now I know how to keep her off the desk - tee-hee!
Let me see what old photo I can dig up of her. She is a very
nice kitty. Nothing better! I'll just have to show
you how she looked this morning. She is very pretty...
wish it showed in pictures.

We just recieved the news that we will need to be out of the building that we
use for church by the end of November. We knew that we had been
blessed to stay as long as we have since the building has been
for sale quite a while. We will get the final word on
the 9th of November and then have until the end of the month.
There is another property we visited this week that would be
great...but it needs to be completely remodeled. Hmmm...
That takes money and time. We need to seriously pray about that.
Those of us who went to look absolutely can see the potential in this place
and we love the small village location. I guess we need to
let go and let God work if it is to be for our congregation because
at this point it is definitely beyond us.

See, I have nothing profound...but love chatting. I think it
will be interesting to read back over this in a year and see what
the Lord has done in these situations..well, not the cat...or the bowling (I bowled a 164!)
but about the headaches and the
church situation.


Anonymous said...

Oh Becky, I will be praying for your headaches! And you looked just fine in the pictures. It is nice to put a face with a name!!

As for your kitty, it looks like the cat has on a mask. There is a line down the middle of it's head. Maybe your cat is the Phantom!!

Terri and Bob said...

Drat those headaches! I see the same as Paula with the cat!