Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did you Ever Drive Through A Rainbow?

It seemed exactly like that was what we did today. We spent the day finishing packing and final cleaning, I hope, at my mother-in-law's home that finally has a buyer and left in a caravan of 2 uncovered pick-ups, one covered pick-up and my van. When we left her former home it was hot and sunny. About halfway to the new house it began to rain. Shortly after this we had to cross a long bridge. To cross this bridge you come down a long tree-lined hill and then come onto the bridge out into the open. Today, the rain made steam and you really couldn't see that far but straight in front of us was this really low rainbow. It was amazing! I am sure that it is not scientifically possible to drive through a rainbow! It sure seemed like that was exacly what we did.

A few miles I was on the cell with our youth pastor disaster struck. Ok, it was a small disaster, but given the torrential downpour we were in at that moment it seemed horrible. My wipers stopped in the middle of the window and made this awful sound. I could not all! I yelled to Chris, the youth pastor, that I had to hang up right now and heard the concern in his voice. My eldest son assisted me in getting off the road into a lane that God had waiting for us. I calmly called my mother-in-law's cell phone, (she was riding with my husband), and told her what had happened and that I would wait out the storm and drive on home. Now, I am thinking that this would take, oh, a few minutes. NO! Picture us in this van after 1 and a half hours as this rain continues to swirl and we all are in desperate need of a potty break! Chelsea and Jonathan were wonderful. We attempted to read from Ishmael, the book that Jonathan is doing a study on in our Homeschool Co-op, but somehow the rain, lightning and thunder, mixed with the cars and trucks throwing water on us were just too much of a distraction. We tried, really.
Finally, after all of this waiting the rain let up to just a light shower. I thought, well this is our chance. Did you know that windshield wipers are very important? They are! We got a few yards down the road and I could see that moving was a very bad idea. So, again with Jonathan's assistance, we pulled into a Greenhouse business alongside the road where we sat a while longer. Every time I would start to get out of the car....serious downpour! So this is where we spent the next 20 to 30 minutes. When the rain let up enough, the owner of the greenhouse came out to see why we were sitting in his parking area, etc.
I explained about the wipers and when I described the noise they were making he assured me that that was not good...thanks! I needed that encouragement! home...the trucks were unloaded and all was well. Finally, I guess we were missed because my dear hubby called to see why we were still sitting there and had not chosen to come home yet. I "calmly" explained that I would gladly be home if it would only stop raining for the 15 minutes that it would take to get there. He said that he would come and pick us up. O.k. that sounded like a good idea. SO ...I purchased two beautiful pumpkins from the man at the greenhouse, what girl doesn't need pumpkins at this time of the year, and since it had completely stopped raining...and since the obviously knowledgeable man at the greenhouse thought I could make it...AND since my bladder was now in serious danger of failing me...I left that point of expected contact with my husband.
Not the smartest decision...and I knew it at the time..I just thought surely we would pass on the road and I would get his attention and all would be well. Nope! I made it all the way home without spotting him...not a peep.
Now, I am home and Warren is wandering about looking for us without a cell phone so I cannot even tell him we are safe. Can you say sheepish? This was me when he pulled into the driveway after a 30 minute search for us. (I am so sorry, honey. But I really was in a bad way!)
I don't know why we were meant to spend so much time sitting by the road half scared, but I know that all things truly are in my loving Heavenly Father's care and that we are fine in Him.
So...If you see a decide...are you ready for an adventure???

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All I can say is, "Oh my goodness."

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