Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

It's the first of December
and the weatherman says
to get out our shovels
and cover our heads...
Snow will be falling
and then cometh ice!
Get ready for winter
it will not be nice.

Run! Purchase those sleds
for your sweet little ones.
Get the runners waxed up.
Get mittens and scarves
and sweet little snowsuits
to keep them so warm
until in for the chocolate
they surely will come.

Get out and purchase
that milk and the bread
for many will be there
to get thiers ahead.
The shelves will get empty
and then there will be
no hint of the ice,
wintery bluster or snow!

Ok, so poet I am not but we are about to get our first
winter storm here in PA. The kids are kind of excited. They
are picturing friends in our yard, snowballs and forts.

I know someday when the kids are grown and gone the
lack of dirty messed up snow in the yard will probably make
me lonely but right now I just yearn for white, untouched snow.
Do you know what I mean? Like no one has been there and all is
smooth and pristine.
The irony is that most of my readers who comment are not in
a snowy part of the country. Do you miss it? Is that why you live there?
What is the scoop?
If you live in snow country, why? Is it because you love it?
Always lived there?
This inquiring mind wants to know....
what are your thoughts...
about snow?


Mrs. Rabe said...

I have been so busy with the tea that I haven't paid a bit of attention to the forecast.

Are we really going to get some snow?!

I hear that the Amish almanac says we are going to have a cold and snowy winter!

The kids will love it, and yes I understand what you are saying regarding the pristine and untouched snow....with my bunch here and the horses we have NO untouched snow EVER!

One day we will call each other and cry that our yards have no untouched snow!

Miss Paula said...

SNOW??? What is that??? I would love to have snow!!! We have fires!!

I loved the poem and thought it a favorite of yours!! But the author?? Great job!!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Ahh snow... i love the thought of it. It sounds so refreshing and beautiful. I love watching the snow fall. I hope one day we live where it snows. I want our kids to be able to enjoy it.
Even though i've lived most of my life in warm places it still doesn't seem like Christmas without it!

Alicia said...

Hi Becky!
I live in Southern, Ca and of course no snow :(. I love snow, but I live here because of my family. I love Ca and the weather, but once a while snow would be so fun! I told my mom one year I want to spend Christmas in the snow, I think it would be great! As a little girl, every winter my parents took my sister and I to the snow with another family, and I have such great memories of it! Hope you enjoy your winter storm!!! Stay warm!!