Friday, February 1, 2008

Matilda Retires!

Warren got in safely from Missouri yesterday afternoon while the kids and I were at Co-op. He was able to get onto an earlier flight since there was a big winter storm headed that way. It was good that he did that and was able to get a little bit of rest before the family descended on him.

I realized how much I had missed him when I saw him. I think that we can block out certain emotions for a period of time when they are too hard. So, I kept busy while he was gone for nearly two weeks and am so thankful for his return.

While Warren was gone his mother, Georgia, was on a cruise through the Panama Canal. She will be home today and just called from Florida to say they have safely returned. We had heard nothing while she was gone. It is good to know that she is safe and happy.

Co-op was crazy yesterday! The kids were dumbstruck by my costume. Some boys actually said I was scary. My helper, Bev, played her part so well and we had fun!
There were pictures taken by the yearbook editor...they had better not show up in the yearbook! I looked absolutely terrible. Sooo much makeup and my big pink robe!
Since the class was on Opera and classical singing, I closed the class by singing "The Lord's Prayer" Acapella. It must have been hard to take me seriously in all of that makeup because bless their hearts some of the boys up front were really laughing and I could tell they wanted to least a couple of them were trying to stop.

My other helper asked if we were going to continue this next week and I emphatically told her, "No!". One week of Matilda was enough. To figure out what I am talking about see the previous post called Thank You. That was enough of that craziness for now.

I had another Dr. appointment this morning. This time with my regular family doc. He is very thorough and I feel he has a good idea of what is causing this pain. Apparently that cyst is sizable but I have also pulled some ligaments or muscles near my hip in all of my climbing around to paint the bathroom, etc. Oh, well. We will see how it heals over this month.
He also understands that I cannot take the anti-inflammatories that the other doctor recommended so has kept me on the tylenol. It is good to know these things about your health for yourself because sometimes well intentioned Docs don't know your whole history and can get you into deeper problems. I am very glad that I did not come home and start taking ibuprofen. It would have really messed me up!

Well, we are off to study Airships. We love the two books by Kenneth Oppel...Airborn and Skybreaker. There are study guides available on line and it has been a great experience to work on these as a class of four...I count me because I enjoy it too. One note: I am reading these aloud and there have been a few edits on my part so far due to Language and situations relating to the romance between Matt and Kate.
We got a video on Airships from the Library and will watch it on this rainy, icy day.

Small group is at our house tonight so life continues to be one thing to the next!

Blessings on your day!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Becky! Sounds like the event was a fun one!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Terri and Bob said...

I am glad that Warren got out of Springfield. I heard that Springfield got 4 inches of snow. I am at school, we really didn't get all that much.

Anonymous said...

You need H2O Physical Therapy!! You will love me for the advice!!