Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blessings on your Sunday

May God be very real and close to you today.
He is the One who can calm the storms of
that often try to assail us.

He loves you dearly.

Only He can bring
true joy
lasting peace that is
beyond the human

If you are hurting
run to Jesus.
His arms are open...
He cannot wait
to hold you.

If you are already experiencing
the Joy of the Lord today...
Let us celebrate together...
Our God Reigns!

Tell somebody!
Don't keep your best friend
a secret from those around

Share...a little!



Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Yes, definitely, I'm REJOICING here today, Becky! (Rejoicing in spite of the flu!)

Have a blessed day!


Alicia said...

This is absolutely beautiful and uplifting Becky!! Our church worship music really hit me today and I was rejoicing in the Lord! We were singing "I can only Imagine" and tears were full in my eyes! I was so touched my God's love and what we have to look forward to in Heaven and seeing His face!!!

Thanks for these words!

Mary Isabella said...

Loving the music...Smiles

Mary Isabella said...

I came back to set awhile and enjoy the music. Hope you don't mind if I sip my tea and listen....Smiles