Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Powder Room Photos

Just a few more touches to finish up in the Powder Room until I call this project complete. So here are the pictures of the project and what are for all intents and purposes the final results.

A Basic Before Photo:


The Same Wall After:

I robbed my bedroom to get these blue and white pieces but I love them here.

Then there is the cupboard that needed a fresh new coat of paint...since I couldn't change the countertop at this point I used the wall color which pulled in the colors on the countertop.

Painting the shelf made a difference in how the focus is now on the pottery, rather than the brown shelf:

The walls after the paint but before the decorative touches...

The New Shower Curtain...

The view from the doorway:

I am grateful to my sweet Sister-in-law, Bev, who searched high and low for those beautiful burgundy towels. Bless her heart...I answered a question at Thanksgiving about what I wanted for Christmas with what I thought would be a simple request...nice burgundy towels. Turns out Burgundy is not "in" this year and they were hard to find. But Bev found these and I love them. Thanks Bev!

When my Mom saw the color in the border she remembered this valance that was tucked away in storage. It certainly catches that red color and pulls it all together. Thanks Mom!

While I wouldn't call this my favorite project I am glad to be nearly finished with it. Warren is glad that it will be done by the time he walks through the door least that is what he told me this evening.

I love seeing projects and crafts that you work on...thanks for sharing. It is inspiring!


Terri and Bob said...

Hey, Becky! Thanks for asking after me! Yes, wedding plans have taken over my life!! It's fun, but I miss my regular activities! I love the powder room. It is such a beautiful paint color and the red just pops. I love the blue tile, too.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Love the red!

It looks great Becky!

Debbie said...

That looks really nice. You are so right about the shelf... it is amazing what paint can do!

Alicia said...

Its looking great Becky!!!! Love the red! I think red looks really rich and warm!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Great really showed how the little touches can bring big changes! Lovely!!

kari & kijsa

Miss Paula said...

WOW!! It looks great!! Did you have Extreme Makeover come over??