Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nope, I wasn't Tagged...

I was going to write about the crazy day that I am about to have...
but that would be boring...

So, instead I am going to list some things that I just love...
not the obvious God, Hubby, family....
you do already know those things about me, right?

These are comfort and hobby things...

1. Time with a very good book.
It has been a while since
I have read a book that I could
not put down.

2. Moving into a new home.
Makes my entire family shudder!
It is a lot of work...but it is such an
adventure and a whole clean canvas to
paint on.

3. Decorating!
This takes time, creativity and often
money. I love to do it
but seem to see each finished
project as a nearly forever
one and don't start over...
I need to be constantly creative so we
have often found ourselves in a new home
as the old one gets completed.
Not anymore! We just moved the Moms into
our neighborhood. Now I will keep
reworking this home.

4. Hunting down a bargain.
I love, love, love a deal!!
This is inherited from my mother!

5. Watching a sweet and smart movie with my husband.
Need I say more?

6. Scrapbooking.
One day...I will have conquered all
of the photos that are laughing at
me from the safety of their pretty
photo box.

7. Time spent with the family in Potter County, the mountains.
It is as if the pressures of the world
just fall right off your shoulders as
you climb into the beauty of untouched creation.

8. Going to Auctions and yard sales.
The season for these is nearly upon us.
I can feel my heart begin to race...
just at the thought!

9. Slipping into bed onto freshly changed sheets!
Sheer Bliss!

10. Hanging out with my Mom.
A very funny and great lady!

11. Bowling
The latest in my long list of things
to enjoy. It is fun to do with
the kids. I am not terrible at it
and yet it is challenging...
therefore enjoy it.

These are some things that make me happy.

Some of these I get to do regularly...
some will be easier to accomplish once
the kids move out...
and I take over their
(insert wicked laugh here)

What do you do for YOU?


BittersweetPunkin said...

What do I do for me? Thats a great question...sewing and reading are my favorite past times.....I boring..I think 2008 is going to bring more excitement into my life...

Mrs. Rabe said...

I read for me, sew for others usually!

I love to bargain hunt too. I love clean fresh sheets! You are right - Bliss!

I love to spend time with my husband.

I love to watch Jane Austen movies with my girls!

I know how you feel about decorating and painting. We are about to choose paint for Nate's room and the girl's bedroom and bath! And I am redoing the downstairs bath at my mom's!


Alicia said...

For me, well, life is quite busy but I would say taking the time to go to school! That is what I do for myself right now, I know boring!! ALso blogging is something I do for myself in my time!

I also LOVE bargains!!! My hubby is use to me bringing things home that are on sale and when I ask him to guess the cost, now he comes close!! No fun!

I also love spending time with my family and my fav thing to do is go out with Ryan to a really nice dinner or picnic!

Clean sheets are also a fav!!

daisy said...

I could say ditto to almost everything on your list. Reading--I can get totally lost in a book. I'm trying to wean myself from garage sales and flea markets because I'm trying to be more aware of the "things" I bring into the house.

My scrapbooking supplies are organized and waiting for me to tackle my boxes of pictures, too. I have a hard time just diving in and doing it. I have to have a plan or a theme or some organized way to look at it.

I'll have to think about it and see if I can come up with some different ideas that I can post about, too.

Maybe we are twins separated at birth. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Reading, embroidering, blogging, Bible Study!

Evan and I have watched a couple of old movies on TCM during the month of Feb. Movies that have been nominated for Academy Awards in the past!! That has been fun. Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Gary and clean!!