Monday, February 4, 2008


This is Beaux.

Beaux was Charlie.

Charlie used to live with Mrs. Rabe.

Then Charlie came to live next door
and became Beaux.

Now Beaux is here.


We already have:

Tidbit, the old lady!
She quietly owns the house.

Kimmy - Our "Guard" Dog but very loyal friend.
No one gets into our yard let alone into our home
without Kimmy's knowledge and thus ours...sigh...
When we got her she looked this cute!

Now she looks like this except she has more
fur around her neck like a mane:

There is Chloe, the Diva!

She understands most of the english language and expects us
to do what she wants to do.
"Hold, me...take me with you to pick up Mikey,
I want to go an a walk! Yes! I do!
Play with Me!"
Very demanding...yes, she is!

And then there is Oliver...
I caught the death of a cold
rescuing this guy several years ago.
He is a joy.
This was him as a young one...

So you see my dilemma...Beaux needs a home
but I don't really want that home to be here.

Beaux has been a sweetie except in one area...
He has been "spraying".

Now here is where I need your advice:
Will Beaux stop spraying once he has been
neutered...or is it too late once he has

He can go next door to live again if he
will be good...

What is your knowledge on the subject.

Burning candles like crazy and waiting
your advice!


angela said...

YES...I have rescued a few kitties that are now in my home, and besides two young one, mine have all been spayed or neutered, and they don't spray!!!! (thank goodness). so go for it, he's a cutie, he reminds me of my Gemini. Good Luck.

Miss Paula said...

I have never owned boy kitties.

If you can get him to spray and clean windows with a floral scent, I say "keep him"! Otherwise it looks like "snip snip" is in order!!

Alicia said...

I havent had cats ever, due to my mom's severe allergies but it looks like you have quite a cute animal family in your home!