Saturday, February 16, 2008

Going to a Concert!

Tonight the Moms, Chelsea and
I are headed to a Mark Lowery Concert.

Having Mom here is very good for getting
me out to events.
Otherwise I am just too preoccupied
with life to take the time to get
out and do things.

Mom pays attention to upcoming events
and runs them by us.

Mark Lowery has long been one of our family's
favorite "funny people".

He will have the Perry's and Lordsong with
him this evening.

Lordsong is a group with extreme vocal control
and blend that makes me just sigh with contentment.

I would love to be in a group.
Music is such a gift.
Remember that I met my husband while traveling
in a local music group and got just a taste of
that kind of ministry.
I liked it!

Last night we made our own concert with our
church small group.

Remember Pastor Mike who comes over often?
This is him leading the music last night.

It was a lot of fun and the song requests were coming fast and furious.

We participated in a retreat that was taking
place at Conestoga Bible Conference.

We ate together and then had a time of singing and Bible study.

It was nice.

Warren had control of the camera so
there are no pictures of the fires roaring in the
large stone fireplaces or of many
other things that would have caught my eye.

The fireplaces just kept drawing us over to them.
They looked pretty and were very warm!

Anyway, there just isn't much else to report from

Here's hoping that you have a blessed weekend.


Anonymous said...

Mark Lowery. The mere mention of the name can bring about many emotive responses. His singing voice is amazing, his songs glorify our Lord, and his humor transports me to laughing so hard I begin to have asthmatic difficulties. haha. Sure hope you had a wonderful evening...sounds delightful.

And yes, I can totally relate about what *I* take pictures of and what *HE* takes pictures of. :o)

Anonymous said...

yes, i was up early. 4:41am. the court jester was bugging me to go out. once out he was on the sniffing hunt for the meanie cat that beats him up on a regular basis. sigh. once i'm up, i'm up. coffee. large quantities. nap later. maybe.

Anonymous said...

Mark Lowry is too funny!! We have a video of him although we don't have a video player anymore...

Take pictures if you can!!!

Anonymous said...

Check my blog for an award.

Anonymous said...


Becky, If you don't know this Ivan delete it now from this post. I think it's something trying to get in....

Becky K. said...

Thanks Paula!
I have now put up the word identification...grrr. I hope that is enough to keep the bad guys away.

Becky K.

Alicia said...

Have fun tonight! Let us all know how it is! Mark Lowry will be a good laugh for you all! Have a fun evening together!