Friday, February 15, 2008

The Search for a Good Meal

Note to self:

Either make reservations or
don't go out on Valentine's Day!

It really was funny.

Warren had asked me on Wednesday night
if I thought we should go out and do something
special for dinner on Valentine's Day.
I wasn't sure that I wanted to leave the
kids so we did not make a decision right away.

Flash forward to Thursday at 5pm.

I decided to be brave and see if there was
any way Warren would take me to a
Mexican Restaurant.
He does not like Mexican food but there are
always other options on the menu.
Kind of like when I order chicken at
Red Lobster....

He agreed that he was willing to give it a shot.
So, Chelsea hears this conversation and
definitely wants to go.
She, like me, likes Mexican but rarely gets it.
So, Chelsea got invited to come along.
The boys had no interest in going...
"bring us home a pizza, please."

I am not sure there was a please involved
and that is proper "dutch" grammar!

Called the Moms. Well, I called mine first and
Warren's happened to be at her house so it
was very convenient to ask both of them
if they wanted to go out with us.

At this point I had no idea that this was
going to be a hunting expedition.
I had the thought of steak and chicken fajitas
dancing in my head.
The Moms enthusiastically agreed that they were
in for the dinner party.

By 6:30, after stopping for both Moms, at their respective
places...and I should say that
we stopped for Warren's Mom twice.
She lives next door and when we got to
her place all the lights were off and so we
thought she must have slid across the back yard,
it is solid ice, to our place so we came back
over here.
So back to her place we went
where we finally caught up with her.

Now...we were on the road to El Serrano's.

I have never been to El Serrano's.
It is huge!
It looks like a huge spanish prison.
Scared Chelsea to death.
But, we did not go in.
The parking lot was overwhelmed
and people were parking where there were
no spaces.
I know this would have been a
great meal.
I have heard people rave!

By the way, it turns out that it
is Latin American, not Mexican.
We just have to go there soon.
Their web site says it is just like being
in Peru! Mini vacation!
No wonder most of Lancaster County was
I wonder if they have fajitas?

Strike one!

We decided to go just down the road to
Carlos and Charlie's.
This parking lot was pretty full but
it seemed manageable and we were very hungry
by now.
Out of the car and in we went.
Immediately inside we were assaulted by
overwhelming cigarette smoke.
Strange how used we have become to non smoking
restaurants. I am so glad that
so many have made the change.
Anyway, we are told it will be a 20 minute wait.
So, we stood and waited.
I looked at the food as it was being
delivered to other diners and it just
was not speaking to me.
So, we scooted.
The relief on the Moms faces was visible.

Strike Two!!

What to do now.
If this was a hunting party we
have now missed twice.
If we do not eat soon
we will starve!

I remember that Friendly's has
the best Chicken and Steak Fajitas
outside of an authentic Mexican Restaurant.
Friendly's is just up the road.

Another full parking lot and
people waiting inside.
We go for it anyway.
At least here we know what to
And that fajita dinner is going to be
so good!

We got seated at about 8pm.

They have removed the
fajitas from the menu!

Strike Three!!!

We were seated beside the door and the
cold air kept rushing over us
like a manic air conditioner.

But do you know what?
We were together and
we made the best of it.

I had a delicious chicken
club sandwich and then
a chocolate and peanut butter
happy ending sundae.
It was yummy!

I'll have to keep hunting
for those perfect fajitas!

We picked up the boys' pizza at
9:30, or so, and came home.

They ate it in just a couple of
minutes! Gone!!

Hope your Valentines meal
"hunt" was better!

It is always an adventure with us!


Kara & Jack's mom said...

I feel your pain.... I love Mexican fajitas and the best place I have found for them in On the Border, a restaurant chain. There is one in Exton and one in Reading. Their fajita salad with jalapeno vinigarette dressing is OUT OF THIS WORLD! We'll have to go sometime.
Sounds like you had a fun Valentine's Day even without fajitas.... take care.... Judy

Anonymous said...

what an adventure!

i'm glad you finally ate..past 8pm is rather late though but necessary if one is desperate, hm? :o)

too bad about the fajitas, becky. next time just give me about an hour heads-up and scoot over to my house. i'll make fajitas for you.

still giggling...

Elijah's Mommy said...

Hi Becky, oh man what a night you had!
I'm not trying to rub it in or anything but guess what we had for dinner last night? Mexican!=) My husband got home from work earlier than he has all week so he took Elijah and I out to a great mexican place. It was pretty full but we got a table after a short wait. It was probably easier for us since we only had three people.
I hope next year goes better for you!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Becky lets to to Sherry's and eat fajitas. By the way Chili's has great fajitas also!

We stayed home and had a romantic pizza, shared with the kids. Of course we will get our dinner out tomorrow night at our church's banquet! Looking forward to it!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh I forgot about On the Border! We used to eat at one in Florida! I saw it in Exton in January, but forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder Judy!

Terri and Bob said...

I have had this same adventure, except not on V-day! I love fajitas, too!

Anonymous said...

I made my homemade Mac and Cheese!! All the kids love this and so does Robert. I even made extra to freeze for the kiddos while we're gone.

A lady in my Bible Study group gave me three chocolate dipped strawberries so that was dessert!! MMMmmm!! Then I watched "Funny Girl" on TCM. I ended up watching all by myself. Put on a musical and eventually everyone leaves the room. (Robert was at the gym)