Monday, February 4, 2008

Good News Update On Beaux!

After calling a local veterinarian this morning and finding out that it would be three weeks and more than $400 to get Beaux fixed we made the sad decision to take him to the Humane League.

My hope was that if we explained the situation they may have a solution that would work for all of us. They did!

Beaux should be back in his home next door by the end of the week having all of his shots, neuter and microchip for just $85. I am very thankful for this organization. It is where we found our "Diva" Chloe and they have been a great resource for us when we have come upon strays that we were not able to take in due to our already full home.

Thanks for your encouragement and input...Even if you did not know what to suggest you were sweet and comical...ahem...Paula.

Love Ya!

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Mrs. Rabe said...

I am so happy about Charlie,er Beaux!

I think we may need to call the humane league about our cats. I mean, we want to be responsible pet owners, but we do not have an extra $300 dollars a pet to have the cats fixed. I have done my share of kitties!