Thursday, February 21, 2008

What an exciting Evening we had!

We shared dinner with Warren's Mom and Pastor Mike.

It was so yummy.

Spare Ribs, slow baked with her sweet, peachy sauce
on them.

I brought my baked, seasoned potato "chunks", for lack
of a better word.
They tasted better than they sound.

Georgia had a beautiful salad and then homemade cherry
crumb pie for dessert.

All of this as the SNOW fell and fell.
It was one of those sparkly light snows.
So pretty, I had to appreciate it.

Then we were off to look at a possible
sight for our new Church to meet. is looking good...
and oh, so close to home!!!!

Everyone came back after the "look-see"
and we had much discussion...
and a few snacks.
Crackers and Cheese
Baby Carrots
Those cookies Chelsea and I baked...
Hot Chocolate.

The others left
leaving only our family
and Pastor Mike.

We share a love of astronomy and
were hoping that the clouds would
scoot in time for us to see the
lunar eclipse.

They did!

It was very more ways than
We shivered!
But, seeing the earth's shadow
cross the moon through the telescope and
binoculars was special.

A quick perusal of American Idol
by way of videotape,
(so that the commmercials
could be avoided),
and then chit chatting
until 1am.

Our evening was over.

I don't think that it took me
30 seconds to fall asleep.

I was down for the count.


Anonymous said...

a delightful evening was had...wonderful. :o)

our fellowship meets at a local high school gym. while it would be great to have our own building, real estate is spendy where we are and it's not possible for 'us' to own. however, setting up the gym takes time and labor and is such an opportunity for service. it's a pleasure!

Tracy said...

After all that I'd be gone too--LOL! So glad you had a wonderful time, Becky! Happy weekend ahead to you & yours ((HUGS))

Bethany Hissong said...

Sounds like a fun evening!! I took one photo of the snow falling but I couldn't capture the huge flakes. It sounds like we are getting more overnight into tomorrow! I am trying to get over a chest cold :( Hope everyone is well there!!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a nice evening and dinner does sound delish.
We watched the eclipse too, it was awesome. Have a happy day. Linda

janjanmom said...

A new church...sounds very exciting. I hope your location blesses you all!

Seasoned potato chunks sound wonderful. I love potatoes.

SweetAnnee said...

Tell Chelsea..she's still there
you just click on my friends button!!
hugs..and lots of love

Alicia said...

Wow I bet you were tired!! How fun though! By the way....I love your falling flowers~!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh..that menu sounds wonderful...we are having a pork roast tonight and I cannot wait!